How did Ty Borden pass away on Heartland? Actor Graham Wardle’s departure from Heartland after 14 years

Caption : Ty Borden leaving Heartland

Fans who were expecting to see more of Ty Bordon in Season 14 of Heartland are sad and devastated by his death. Nobody saw that coming on the very first episode of the new season as he was one of the main characters. Ty's relationship with his wife, Amy, was also known for Heartland. So what made the show kill off Ty all of sudden. Several viewers and Ty’s personal fans are saying they cannot watch the show anymore. As he has already died, it is also hard to console them because it is impossible for Ty to return to the show. What does Graham Wardle who plays the character, Ty, on Heartland have to say about it? 

Ty Borden’s death; Is Amy responsible for it? Spoilers

Ty Borden killed off on Heartland

Previously Season 13 of heartland ended with both Ty and his wife, Amy getting gunshot. While both of them seem to recover from their injuries, Ty suffered from some complications. It eventually took his life. He developed a serious blood clot inside the body which resulted in deep vein thrombosis.

Amy on the other hand blames herself for Ty’s death. Apparently, Ty did speak to Amy feeling not good and a bit weird on the day he die. But Ty wanted to see Amy work so he chose to avoid going to doctors and she also didn’t do anything about it.

The story of Ty has come to an end and it made Amy a new widow. For the first time, Amy is truly alone and now she has the huge responsibility of raising their daughter Lyndy alone. Luckily Amy has family support.

Why did Graham Wardle decide to leave Heartland? Is he working on another series?

Heartland is one of the longest-running Canadian drama series with 14 seasons and Ty has been part of the show since the beginning. He received much love and attention then and now. But it was time for Graham to exit the show after more than a decade.

Graham Wardle has had some feelings regarding the show and his career. It was sort of leaving not only Heartland but also his acting career which means his career will now only focus on personal projects.

He even tried to bargain with his own thoughts. But in the end, he decided to follow his heart.

It was not an easy decision for Graham to leave the show. He quite doesn't consider it a right move because he doesn't know where it’d take him. But he has lots of trust and faith in moving forward so he is taking the risk.

What does Graham Wardle think of his character’s death?

The death of Ty was difficult to digest for many viewers. The public was expecting to see more of Ty and Amy’s relationship but unfortunately, the story took south. As we did not expect Ty’s departure through death neither did Wardle

Graham doesn't think Ty wanted to nor he was planning to die. His character is not someone who’s like, 'Oh! that's it. I've done all my stuff. He personally doesn't think life works in that way anyway. 

But Graham does feel sad for his fans. He hopes they move on with healing and comfort from new episodes.

If you want to be quickly updated on his future projects then you can follow him on Instagram: @grahamwardle.

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