Is Kylian Mbappe dating Alicia Aylies? What is his girlfriend known for? Find out her net worth

Caption : Kylian Mbappe's girlfriend

Kylian Mbappe is one of the best football players in the world. He often grabs headlines for his game and club. He is the football player every team wants to have. But currently, his followers have some queries about his girlfriend. Mbappe has been keeping his personal life, especially his relationship private. He has been for several years rumored to be dating a professional model and a beauty pageant holder, Alicia Aylies. But Alicia is more than just Kylian’s girlfriend. She has her own identity. Let’s dig and find out who she is.

Alicia and Kylian dating in 2021; Are the rumors true

Alicia and Kylian have not been publicly spotted together yet but rumor does not start without a reason. In 2018, media spotted Alicia in the crowd cheering for Mbapee while he was playing in the World Cup. It looked like not anyone but a girlfriend supporting her beau. The rumors started right after that day and following that people started to notice her more in his next matches. She also had companies in the stadium like former Miss France Rachel Legrain-Trapani, star Benjamin Pavard, and so-on.

Although neither Alicia nor Mbappe confirmed their relationship, the public already calls them a couple. And if they have been dating each other since 2018 then they would be celebrating their 3rd anniversary in 2021.

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Alicia Aylies age, bio, and career; Who are her parents?

Alicia Aylies was born on April 21, 1998, in France. Her parents are Philippe Aylies and Marie-Chantal Befroy. At the age of two, her mother and father got divorced which made her move with her mother to a place called French Guiana located in Brazil. She is the one and only proud child. She studied law in her university year.

Alicia received a modeling offer from a young age. She was beautiful then and now. And she always dreamed of being a successful model. She did several photo shoots for popular magazine covers but her big break was winning a huge beauty pageant.  In 2017, she became Miss France 2017. She was the first Miss French Guiana to win the title. Prior to that, she was also crowned as Miss Guayne in the year 2016.

After becoming Miss France Alicia later went to compete in the Miss Universe title but sadly she did not get placed. However, she did get several opportunities to meet with Hollywood celebrities like Tom Cruise and many more.

Alicia Aylies social media and net worth

Alicia is very popular on social media. She has Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and is active in all of them. But she might use mostly Instagram as it has more than 400 posts and 40 thousand followers. Her Instagram handle is @aliciaaylies.

We also have her Facebook account named @Alicia Aylies Miss France 2017. She still has pictures of her winning day of Miss France on her profile and cover photo.

If you want to check her Twitter then she goes as @aliciaayliesoff. Let me assure you, her Twitter account is not boring at all. In fact the more you scroll, the more glamour you get.

According to our sources, we found out that Alicia made around $19 million through endorsements and advertisements in 2020. Her beauty pageant title has main credit for that. She is probably included in one of the richest females lists in the world. Reports claim her net worth is approximately more than $40 million as of 2021. 

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