What happened to Autumn Moretti’s foot on Master Chef: Legends? Did she win the show? Who is her mother?

Caption : Autumn Moretti

Autumn Moretti is one of the finalists of the American reality television series MasterChef: Legends Season11. She is much loved on the show and was also getting attention for her personality and cooking styles. But in the last few episodes, viewers noticed something wrong with her leg. Fans and viewers became deeply worried about their favorite contestants and when they started to ask queries regarding her leg they didn’t get much explanation from the show. So, if you are curious to know what happened then keep reading to find out. Thanks to her family, we not only know what happened but also how it happened and what she went through.

Autumn Moretti’s accident in the MasterChef finale

In a recent episode of MasterChef, Autumn seemed to struggle while walking. It looked like she had a terrible accident. She was wearing some big cast on her foot which definitely means she had a serious broken leg.

Although Season 11 aired from June to September 2021, the show was previously filmed at the time of the Covid 19 pandemic. Later the production had to temporarily shut down for about seven months. 

During that time all the contestants went to their homes to quarantine and came back to continue when it was safe. So if the accident did not happen in the show then it surely happened when she was at the home

Autumn’s mother shared details on her injury and surgery

Autumn has an incredible fan base. She has more than 80 thousand followers on Instagram. After finding out about Autumn’s injury they started asking many questions about her condition and even prayed for her.

So, her mom, Kim Varney went to her Facebook to let her fans know what actually happened and it does not sound dangerous. Kim said that Autumn’s leg got broken when she tried to piggyback her other three little sisters. The accident happened exactly a year ago so it’s not new. She is better today.

Her mom is also a nurse so she went into details about her injury. She explained that she suffered from Lisfranc Injury, fractured ankle and heel, and also torn tendons and ligaments of her foot and ankle.

Autumn also had to go through surgery for it and her mother described it as a long procedure.

Did Autumn fake her accent on the show?

Many viewers of MasterChef pointed out that Autumn’s pronunciation now compared to the beginning of the show has vast differences. In the last couple of episodes, her Boston accent isn’t prominent at all. 

We can not guarantee that she is faking her accent but because there was a seven-month gap in shooting, her accent could have changed between that time.

Final Contestants of MasterChef; Who is the winner?

The top four contestants of Master Chef were Kelsey Murphy, Alejandro Valdivia, Suu Kinn, and Autumn. Autumn was so close to winning the show however she didn’t win. The winner of MasterChef 2021 is Kelsey Murphy. On September 8, Alejandro got eliminated which made Autumn and Suu Kin runner-ups. Here is the final picture of three contestants of MasterChef from Austumn’s Instagram. 

Kelsey claimed the MasterChef Season 11 title. She received a $250000 grand prize along with Viking kitchen and kitchen tools and bakeware products from OXO.

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