What happened to Chelsea Newman on Young and the Restless? Melissa Claire Egan returning to Y&R

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It has been confirmed that Melissa Claire Egan is returning to Young and the Restless as Chelsea Newman! Here's everything you need to know about her character on Y&R. Find out what happened to Chelsea on Young and the Restless and the story so far. 

Melissa Claire Egan returning to YR as Chelsea

Melissa Claire Egan is back! The actress took to her Twitter to announce her arrival to fans. She tweeted, "Told ya it was just 'goodbye for now'!!! This is gonna be goooood" referring to the statement she made after she left the series last year.

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She last played Chelsea Lawson on the soap in January 2018.  Egan said at the time that she's saying "goodbye for now", which turned out to be very true now that she is actually coming back to Genoa City to cause even more drama.

She was first cast as the character in 2011. Introduced as a con artist, Chelsea remained true to her roots and skipped town after it was revealed that she was the one stealing money from Fenmore. 

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What happened to Chelsea on Young and the Restless?

Nick and Chelsea on Y&R

For those who are not familiar with the character, here's a rundown of her time in Genoa City. Chelsea showed up in town claiming she was pregnant with Billy Abbott's baby. She became close with Adam Newman and he later even helped deliver her baby son. 

They got married and Chelsea became pregnant again but lost the baby in a car accident. She divorced Adam when she found him kissing Sharon. She became pregnant for the third time but lied to Dylan McAvoy that it was his baby.

After Adam was presumed dead in a car explosion, she became engaged to Billy. But not for long! Adam returned with a different face and name. She later found out that the man she had been dating was really Adam. Chelsea fled town in early 2018 after Nick found out that she was siphoning money from Fenmore. 

With Adam Newman now returning to Young and the Restless, it will be interesting to see how Chelsea will fit into the story.  Stay tuned for more updates on Chelsea and Melissa Claire Egan returning to Young and the Restless.

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