What happened to Tucker Dee Chapman, the son of Dog Chapman?

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Tucker Dee Chapman is one of eleven biological children of reality TV star Duane Lee “Dog” Chapman. He once made the headlines in late 2007 after selling an audio tape of his father using racial slurs against his girlfriend. Following the release of the tape, Dog faced huge criticism from his fans. 

Dog Chapman says he still loves his son Tucker

Tucker was born to Dog and his third wife, Lyssa Rae Brittain, as the couple’s second child. He had an elder sister named Barbara Katie “B.K.” Chapman, who passed away in a tragic car accident in Fairbanks, Alaska, in 2006. He also has a younger sister named Lyssa “Baby Lyssa” Chapman, who appeared alongside her father and other family members on his show, Dog the Bounty Hunter, from season 2 (2005) to season 8 (2012).

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In October 2007, during the airing of season 4, Tucker sold an audio tape of him and Dog’s phone conversation, discussing Tucker’s girlfriend, to the National Enquirer. In the tape which reportedly dates back to March 2007, Dog could be heard using racial slurs against his son’s girlfriend, who was an African-American. Dog repeatedly used the “N” word in their conversation, which did not please Tucker. So he decided to sell the audio tape to the media to take revenge on his father. Reportedly, he sold the tape for $15,000.

The tape was later played by various other media as well, following which Dog received a huge negative reaction from the public. The tape proved to be disastrous for Dog, both personally and professionally as A&E decided to pull back the show. The network announced it was removing the show from their schedule on November 2, 2007, despite Dog making a public apology for his mistakes.

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Dog appeared on CNN’s Larry King Live show shortly afterward. In the interview, Dog said that his son Tucker would not talk to him following the incident and that Tucker’s mother too was in on it with him. He admitted to interfering in his son’s life but he mentioned that he was just concerned for his kid. 

Tucker was sentenced to twenty years in prison at the age of 18 for armed robbery. He was released on parole after serving only four years. Dog stated that he tried to take control of Tucker’s life following this incident. 

“I heard this girl was maybe not being the best for Tucker — and I’ll leave it like that — so I tried to interfere,” he said in the interview. “I don’t care if she is black at all. He’s on parole for a 20-year-sentence and if he messes up he goes back,” he added. “All I want him to know is that I love him very much,” said Chapman, almost tearing up.

Although Dog has openly talked about the incident with the public repeatedly, Tucker has remained utterly silent. He has been living a low-key life and does not seem to have activities on social media as well. 

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