Where is Bob Vila from This Old House now? What is Bob Vila doing now? 2019 updates

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Bob Vila, who was the original host of This Old House, hosted the home improvement television show from 1979 to 1989. Here's a short update on what the former This Old House cast member is doing now. 

Bob Vila Bio: Know his age and family

Bob Vila was born as Robert Joseph Vila on June 20, 1946 in Miami, Florida. As a child, he lived in the home that his father had built by hand. He studied journalism at the University of Florida, from where he graduated in 1969.

Thereafter, he volunteered in the Peace Corps in Panama from 1971 to 1973. He married his wife, Diana Barrett, in 1975. He has three children with his wife. Diana is a graduate of Harvard Business School and is the founder of The Fledgling Fund. 

Bob Vila 2019 updates

Bob Vila became the host of This Old House in 1979. He appeared on the show alongside carpenter Norm Abram. Following a disagreement, Vila left This Old House in 1989. He was replaced by Steve Thomas.

Vila then became a commercial spokesman for Sears and later began hosting his own syndicated home improvement program, Bob Vila's Home Again. The show ran for 16 seasons before it was canceled by CBS because of declining ratings. Over the years, Vila has authored 10 books including a five-book series titled Bob Vila's Guide to Historic Homes of America. 

What is Bob Vila doing now?

Bob Vila still appears regularly on television. He has also been appearing on the Home Shopping Network. He can be seen selling a range of tools from his own brand that he founded in 2016. 

For expert home improvement tips, follow Bob Vila on Twitter @BobVila. He doesn't post any personal tweets but if you're seriously looking for advice on home maintenance, you might find his Twitter feed to be quite helpful. 

As for his latest projects, stay tuned to know what Bob Vila is doing in 2019!

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