Who is Hella Quick racer Franklin Azevedo from Street Outlaws? How did he become famous?

Caption : Franklin Azevedo with his wife

After working on his cars and street racing for years, Franklin Azevedo made it on the famous American racing show, Street Outlaws. Don’t take him for granted just because you haven’t seen him racing on a show like this before because Azevedo is a “hella quick” racer and his car is fire. If you are here to know about his races and wins then keep reading.

What does Franklin Azevedo drive on Street Outlaws?

Franklin Azevedo is one of the fastest racers of Street Outlaws. He has a 1967 Chevy Camaro with a 632 and 3 kits of nitrous. He is exciting and energetic and hilarious in person. 

Frank has a certain type of energy that the show has been missing for years said the host of 

BoostedGT. He is passionate about racing and bets on every single race. He made the show more interesting and people are enjoying watching the show more.

Franklin might be new on the track but he ain’t new when it comes to the street. He’s been on the street since 1990.

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What did Frank Azevedo do before fame?

Nobody heard the name Frank Azevedo before he came to the show. But after winning several races, he found his place in the industry, not at the bottom but the top. Frank even made legends like Big Chief his fan. He is earning respect from professional racers and getting lots of followers. You can also find Franklin on Instagram. His public Instagram handle is @hellaquickracing and his private account is @azevedo_68.

Check out Franklin’s races on Youtube uploaded by the All American Racing Team. One guy also commented on his race video saying, Frank did a great job and made this one of the best shows in years. Thanks, Frank, for making it so interesting.

Frank also savagely said in the interview I bet you know my name now. 

Frank is very proud of himself and his achievement. But with that, he gave a big shout-out to the American race team from California saying if it wasn't from them he would not be where he is.

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Franklin Azevedo after winning the Big Tire Class 2021

On January 9, 2021, Franklin received a grand prize for securing first place in Big Tire Class. He got $5,000 for his win. He thanked his car, Hella Quick, for the win and called it his honey.

Franklin Azevedo flaunting his prize money

Franklin also shared his happiness on Instagram with pictures and videos of him and his team. He wrote on the post, “My Honey did what he does and won 1st Place in the Big Tire Class! I have to say he is a Bad A** and he is all mine!!! Thank you Joe Bettencourt for tuning the car and all of your help! Thank you, Ernie Carson and Hunter Riley for always being there and everything you guys do! Thank you Richard Weaver for all of your help and coming out to support us! Thank you Rob Spadafore, Gordon Parish Sr. and Laurie Wyant for all you do! Jason Hogan and MaKenna Kristine Marshall I love you to the moon and back we couldn’t do it without you! Thank you to the All American Racing Team. You guys are truly the greatest. We love you! 🇺🇸❤️”

When Frank won his race on TV, he got so excited that he jumped and beat his own car. He even broke his finger. He couldn’t believe he was receiving all the spotlight and he said it was a true honor and blessing for him.

Azevedo’s fans also got super excited for his victory. They said they had a blast while watching it and called his car Hella Quick and Hella Fast.

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