What is Megyn Kelly doing now? Where is she in 2019? Updates

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After getting fired from NBC News, Megyn Kelly has her fans curious about what she is doing now and if she has a new show yet. Where is Megyn Kelly in 2019? Read on to find out why was Megyn Kelly fired from NBC News and why she left the Today Show.

What is Megyn Kelly doing now?

Megyn Kelly is free to join other news outlets now but the anchor hasn't revealed what her new move is. The talks between Kelly and NBC News are moving towards a close and she will not be bound by any non-compete restrictions. She has been discussing her separation for weeks since the NBCUniversal-owned division canceled her morning show, Megyn Kelly Today.

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Kelly is expected to receive $30 million as a parting gift - the value of her remaining contract at the network. 

Fans speculate that the anchor will head back to her former job at Fox News. However, Lachlan Murdoch, exec chairman of 21st Century Fox, doesn't think so. "I'm very happy with our current lineup on Fox News and we won't be making any changes there," said Murdoch recently. 

Why was Megyn Kelly fired from NBC News?

Megyn Kelly was removed as the host of Megyn Kelly Today in October 2018 after her controversial on-air remarks about wearing blackface for Halloween. On the October 23 broadcast of Megyn Kelly Today, the host opened the segment with a discussion of Halloween costumes. She then went on to defend the use of blackface as a Halloween costume.

Kelly received widespread backlash on social media and faced criticism from NBC News colleagues including Craig Melvin and Al Roker. 

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Kelly's track record at NBC was not that impressive even before her blackface scandal. She launched her newsmagazine "Sunday With Megyn Kelly" which was poorly received. Her first few weeks on air were painful to watch as she had uncomfortable exchanged with guests including Jane Fonda.

Her primetime show Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly, which began in June 2017, was quietly pulled off air after eight episodes. Her appearance on Today show saw a 26% drop in viewers in the critical 25-54 demographic. 

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