What happened to ProJared? All the details on Jared Knabenbauer and wife Heidi O'Ferrall divorce

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From sexual misconduct to cheating allegations, ProJared has been drenched in controversy in 2019. Here's all you need to know about what happened to ProJared and Jared Knabenbauer's divorce with wife Heidi O'Ferrall. 

What happened to ProJared?

Jared Knabenbauer aka ProJared shocked fans by releasing a statement on May 8, 2019, which read that he and his wife, Heidi O'Ferrall, have separated and filed for divorce. But this was just the tip of the iceberg as the events that followed were never anticipated by his fans. 

Shortly after this statement was posted, Heidi took to Twitter to expose her now soon-to-be ex-husband. According to Heidi, she had been blocked from Jared's social media so that she couldn't see his statement.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, she went on to say that Jared had been cheating on her for months with another YouTuber - Holly Conrad and they have been separated since February 2019. Conrad has been divorced from her husband, YouTuber Ross O' Donovan, since September 2018. At the time, Donovan stated that they decided to divorce because Conrad wanted to move to Seattle, where ProJared is based.

Jared Knabenbauer and Heidi Atlier

On top of cheating allegations, Heidi has accused Jared of soliciting lewd photos from fans over several years. Jared's Tumblr account was extremely graphic before the site banned explicit content in 2018.

Heidi claimed that Jared resorted to asking for pics from fans on his secret Snapchat account after his Tumblr account was banned. Several fans have come forward on Twitter confirming that Jared sent them unsolicited explicit pictures. 

In the midst of this controversy, Jared has ended his partnership with his multi-channel network, Normal Boots. The company put out an official statement on Twitter writing that an email detailing Jared's misconduct was sent to them on April 4, after which they ended their affiliation with ProJared before all of it became public.

On May 17, ProJared took to Twitter to share a lengthy statement explaining his side of the story. He wrote that it was his wife's idea that he be involved with other women, as she was involved with other partners herself; their marriage being polyamorous. But when he began developing feelings, Heidi accused him of cheating and destroying their marriage.

He maintained that he was never the abuser in their relationship and was scared to end the relationship because of how Heidi might react. As with everything, there are two sides to every story. What do you think is the truth? Let us know in the comments below!

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