The Young and the Restless viewers bully star Beth Maitland on social media - WHY?

Caption : Beth Maitland and Daniel Goddard

Beth Maitland, who has been portraying the role of Traci Abbott on Young and the Restless, recently became a target of some hateful comments. Some Y&R viewers have taken to social media to express their disapproval with Traci’s new storyline, which has led Beth to fall prey to social media bullying. 

Eric Braeden and Eileen Davidson showed support to Beth Maitland online

Maitland’s character, Traci, was recently written into a new storyline which showed her becoming inclined to writing. Meanwhile, Traci also started spending more time with Cane (Daniel Goddard), who recently separated with his wife Lily (Christel Khalil). 

Young and the Restless is re-exploring Traci’s writing skills and it seems like she has developed a sweet friendship with Cane during this time. The storyline took a twist when it showed Traci’s mind going a little further as she begins to imagine Cane shirtless and fantasizes about kissing him.

As usual, fans have taken to social media to express their opinion about this storyline. Apparently, some viewers are not happy about where the storyline is heading to, leading them to make comments which aren’t appropriate to publish! 

beth maitland tweet

Beth has handled this situation very carefully by letting the audience know where they should stop, without being as mean as they were to her. She tweeted, “I respect everyone’s right to their opinion. I respect tolerance, kindness, an open mind, and exceptance.  I don’t respect meanness so much.”

“I do what they write. I’m an actor. And I LOVE representing real women with true hearts. #real”

Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) joined in to show his support. He wrote, “[Beth Maitland] is one of the kindest people I have ever met and A DAMNED GOOD ACTRESS!”

Maitland replied to Braeden as, “Thank you, my dear. [Eric Braeden] All is well. Just a little fuss over name calling and misunderstandings. I feel very championed and loved… and am a little tougher than I look.”

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Eileen Davidson, who plays Ashley Abbott (Traci’s sister) on Y&R,  also weighed in and tweeted, “Beth you’re amazing. When you come across a troll I have three words. BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK and please just move on.”

Maitland appreciated this sweet gesture from Eileen and replied to her as, “love you, Ei.  Thank you...Just thought the rest of us could use some encouragement.”

This situation has made one thing very clear that although the Abbott sisters do not always see eye to eye on the screen, they do have each other’s back off-camera. 

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