Who is Tiktoker Roshaun Diah dating? Find out about his girlfriend, Lollipop Boys, merch

Caption : Roshaun Diah

Californian born and raised content creator Roshaun Diah is another popular teen TikTok star who is on the rise. Here's everything you need to know about the influencer from his age, family, bio, girlfriend, lollipop boys to the launch of his own merchandise.

Who is Roshaun Diah?

Born on the 14th of May 2002, Roshaun is your average young teenager turned sensation on the widely popular lip syncing app TikTok. The taurus-signed teen star is a 17 year old American boy born in California. Diah attended the Passaic Valley High School in Little Falls, New Jersey.

He also participated in competitive sports while in high school, especially soccer and track and field events like pole vaulting. His records say he is set to graduate in 2021. Not much has been revealed about his family yet. Till now we know that his grandparents are from Florida and he likes spending time with them.

Who is Roshaun’s girlfriend? Relationship status 

Tall boy with a good body and a great smile, you must be wondering who is the lucky girl dating this hunk. That is a secret only Roshaun knows. He hasn’t revealed anything about his dating history but we did catch him with a lady dressed in a red gown on his prom night in January 2020 which he later uploaded on Instagram with the caption “prom night” and hashtag “friendsonly” way to making things straight.

A fun fact about Roshaun is that around Christmas of 2019 in a YouTube livestream, Mattia highlighted a video of Roshaun kissing an unknown person, which happened to be a boy.

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Roshaun Diah on Social media

Tiktok isn’t the only platform where Roshaun is famous. On instagram, he goes by the handle @roshaun_diah and has 350k followers at present. He doesn’t post much but looks like he enjoys posting photos with his friends and full body photos of himself. On twitter too, he goes by the twitter handle @roshaun_diah and has a total of 27.8k followers. Judging by the number of posts he seems more like a twitter person rather than an Instagram person. 

Why is Roshaun Diah famous on TikTok?

With 859.5k followers under his belt and garnering 48.1M likes on the TikTok platform, we can conclude Roshaun is quite the popular kid in the TikTok community. He goes by the name “.roshaun,” on the platform and does lip syncs, challenges, dance videos, comedy clips and many more with his friends and other fellow TikTokers. He has even earned the badge for being an ace TikTok comedian.  And he is now a crowned “muser.” His earliest Tiktok was set to Gunna's "Baby Birkin”. At present he is popularly recognized as the member of “Lollipop boys”.

Who are the Lollipop Boys?

Roshaun Diah and the Lollipop Boys

So who are the Lollipop boys? What are Lollipop boys? you might be wondering. The group ‘Lollipop boys’ is a part of the Tiktok content creator group consisting of members Alejandro Rosario, Alvaro Romero, Mattia Polibio, Kairi Cosentino and Roshaun Diah. They are a group that post funny and entertaining videos on TikTok. They have a big fanbase and are quite popular. 

Tiktok is known to blow up when TikTokers collab, especially when they reveal they are friends. Roshaun is close to all the members of the Lollipop boys and reveals the secret to be their passion for soccer as all of them were part of the soccer practice session in school. 

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Roshaun and Alejandro have known each other since eighth grade and are very close. Alejandro reveals that the first thing he noticed about Roshaun was his thick Jamaican accent despite being from Florida. Another member Roshaun is very close to is Alvaro Romero.

Alvaro and Roshaun moved to Florida coincidentally and Roshaun stayed with him for some time. The two are very close and go to the same school. Although rumors have it that Alvaro has left the Lollipop boys, he has confirmed that that is not the case and he is still very close with them.

Roshaun Diah has his own Merch?

The new businessman in town, Diah has his own brand where he sells his own merchandise. Under the brand name ‘Roro Apparel.’ He sells various items like hoodies, clothing for all genders and many more. We can find everything in his official brand site roroapparel.com.

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