Where is Mick Dodge now? Is he still alive? What happened to The Legend of Mick Dodge

Caption : Mick Dodge from The Legend of Mick Dodge

The Barefoot Sensei or the Barefooted Nomad or Walking Mountain whatever you call him Mick Dodge is a person you cannot miss out. In the generation dependent upon technology and social media one can only imagine a life in the rainforest. Mick Dodge is a soul that we hear myths about and at one point in our life consider to adopt his actions. Check out the article below to know if Mick Dodge is still alive, The Legend of Mick Dodge, why the show ended and where he is right now. 

Mick Dodge: A little backstory

Mick Dodge

So, who is Mick Dodge and how did he become the Barefoot sensei? Your average grandfather who is a retired navy that traded the high-speed internet for the lush trees of the Hoh rainforest.

Born on August 29, 1951, Dodge is a native of Forks of the Olympic Peninsula. He has lived in many parts of the world as he served the navy for 6 years just like his father a former navy Ronald L. Dodge. He got his high school education from Okinawa, Japan. 

It was in 1991 when he took the grand step to pack his bags and go for his journey into the wilderness. He moved to a forest in Washington and never turned back.

For 20 long years, he survived alone in the wilderness and was then discovered by the National Geographic Network who had an idea to shoot a documentary based on his life. And thus came “The Legend of Mick Dodge”.

Mick is called The Barefoot Sensei because he tends to walk the forest barefooted. Believed to be due to a foot complication, Dodge tells us that walking barefoot on a forest terrain is very beneficial for the body and the mind.

What happened to The Legend of Mick Dodge?

The Legend of Mick Dodge is a show broadcasted on the National Geographic channel based on the life of the forest nomad Mick Dodge. The show went on for three seasons with 32 episodes with Dodge.

The fourth season was canceled after Mick decided not to renew his contract with the company as he wasn’t very fond of the scripted reality the show brought. The pilot episode, “Meet the Legend,” aired Jan. 7, 2014. The final episode, “Road Trip,” aired Feb. 17, 2015.

What happened to Mick Dodge?

Mick Dodge

Due to the creative difference between the National Geographic channel and him, Mick decided to end their contract leading to no new season of The Legend of Mick Dodge.

Mick’s reality show ended in 2014 with the last episode being aired on Feb 17, 2015. We believe that the cameras may have shifted him away from what he really wanted which might have led him to very lonely years that ultimately made him quit.

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Where is Mick Dodge now?

Where is Mick Dodge now? That is the question most of us are dying to know answers to. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Mick still lives as a nomad in the Hoh forest like he used to before the “role camera” and “action”.

Unlike The Legend of Mick Dodge where the show was based entirely on his life, Dodge wants to create a show that teaches about the wilderness and physical fitness where he can act as a guide for the audience.

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