Where is Steve Thomas from This Old House now? What happened to him in 2019?

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This Old House is in its fortieth season in 2019. One of the many hosts that have come and gone on the show is Steve Thomas. What happened to Steve Thomas from This Old House? Where is Steve Thomas in 2019? Keep on reading for a short bio on the former This Old House cast member.

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What happened to Steve Thomas from This Old House? 

Where is Steve Thomas now?

Steve Thomas is a Daytime Emmy Award winning host; he has received a total of nine nominations for Outstanding Service Show Host. Known as a "serial renovator", he helped This Old House become one of the most watched series on PBS of all time. 

He was approached by PBS in 1989 after he returned from a sailing voyage to Satawal. He was to replace Bob Vila and he went on to host the show from 1989 to 2003.

After 14 years on This Old House, Thomas decided he wanted to move on to other things, including new projects on the DIY Network. He went on to cover historical restorations on History Channel's Save Our History.

He also began hosting Renovation Nation on Planet Green, Discovery's now defunct channel - Planet Green. He hosted the green home building show for two seasons until it was cancelled in 2010.

Where is Steve Thomas now? 2019 updates

As of December 2018, Thomas was living in Maine with his wife, Evelyn "Evy" Blum. He has a Facebook page where he regularly posted updates up until December 29 of last year. Thomas hasn't been active on Facebook for a while.  Follow Steve on his official Facebook page to know what he's up to in 2019.

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Steve Thomas Bio

Steve Thomas and wife Evy

Steve Thomas was born in 1952 in Pomona, California. His father, who used to buy old houses and repair them, inspired him to work in construction and renovation. Thomas graduated in philosophy from Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. He renovated his first home in 1974 and continued to perform renovations in the Pacific Northwest until moving to Massachusetts in 1980. 

Besides restorations, Thomas has dedicated his life to adventure. After graduating college, he went sailboat racing to Hawaii and then sailed back to Seattle. He then worked as a first mate of a 103' schooner in the Mediterranean for a year and later as a boatbuilder in Antibes, France. He then sailed from England to San Francisco via the Panama Canal in a 40' sloop. 

He has been married to his wife, Evy, since 1980. The couple are parents to a son.

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