Who is Bill Canny from Moonshiners? Who is his girlfriend?

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The reality TV star Bill Canny made his appearance in the American docudrama television series Moonshiners in the second season on Discovery Channel. He is one of the best Moonshiners cast members and his peers and partners admire his skills and talent. Here’s everything you need to know about Bill Canny’s life, girlfriend, and how he became one of the best moonshine makers. Also, find out Bill’s and other Moonshiners cast’s net worth.

Billy Canny bio

Moonshiners Bill Canny

Bill Canny has moonshining in his blood but he is more than just a moonshine maker. Bill is a master carpenter and builder who can build anything he can think of and also a musician. Canny loves music and he mentioned that he feels lost without music.  He gives credit to his father Jeff, for his love for music. Jeff even appeared partly on the show in 2012. 

Having said that he’s also a top-notch fiddler and plays guitar, banjo, and drums. Here is a picture of Bill Canny playing guitar from the 3rd Annual Spartanburg Music & Arts Festival, Sept 2013 on Instagram.

The TV star is also part of the band, The Wes, Bob, and Bill Show from which he achieved significant milestones.

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Bill happens to lose his temper very quickly, and because of that, he is frequently involved in fights with his partner Josh Owens which you can see in the series.

A moonshine master named Barney Barnwell taught Bill how to make moonshine in the beginning. He not only taught Bill and his partner Jeff but the whole world through a YouTube video: How to make moonshine which has more than a million views. 

While his master passed away back in 2011, Bill became eager to show what he learned from him. and through the show, he showed everyone his skills and knowledge which made him the best moonshine maker.

You can see Bill in total 59 episodes from 2012 to 2016. Bill is also the founder of Moonshiners Reunion and Mountain Music Festival.

When did Bill Canny meet his girlfriend Sarah Brunjes? Is he married to her?

Bill Canny and his long time girlfriend Sarah Brunjes met back in 1990. The pair first started as friends and started dating in 1998. Now, they have been together for more than 22 years but she isn’t Bill’s wife yet. Bill and Sarah are yet to tie the knot but they seem happy together. The pair has not disclosed any news of their relationships and having children. Sarah is Bill’s life-long partner and the love of his life. 

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Bill Canny net worth: How much are Moonshiners cast members worth?

Bill Canny’s career involves being a television star, master carpenter, builder, and also musician and overall makes his current net worth around $600,000. But most of his income comes from the reality show.

Most of the Moonshiners cast members receive a salary of up to $3,000 per episode and some even more than that. The Moonshiners cast member with the highest net worth is Tim Smith who earns $700,000. Looking at the net worth of the cast members, it is clear that the show is doing great and is not about to stop at any time

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