Who is Charlie Silva from This Old House? Is Charlie Silva married? Details on Silva Brothers Construction

Caption : Charlie Silva

If you are familiar with This Old House then you must recognize Charlie Silva, who leads the team to build the house on the show. Charlie is someone who cares deeply about craftsmanship and construction and that is why viewers consider him as one of the best cast on the show. Along with him, we have another Silva brother, Tom Silva. The Silva brothers run their own company along with the show named Silva Brothers Construction. Charlie seems like a busy man but besides having a career in two places, he also looks after his family and children. Get details about his business and life below.

Charlie Silva short bio and family

Charlie Silva is the home builder of This Old House and co-owner of Silva Brothers construction. He is the nephew of Emmy nominated, the general contractor of This Old House, Tom Silva. Tom has a big hand in Charlie’s successful career. It was his uncle Tom who taught mostly everything to him about the business.

Today Charlie has the ability to handle everything by himself. He does everything from providing project estimates to coordinating crews, managing costs, and scheduling subcontractors. Charlie in fact acts as a liaison to a project’s architects, permitting authorities, and even local municipal boards.

Like Charlie and Tom, their father and grandfathers also were into the construction business. The Silva family/brothers as a whole overall have more than 60 years of experience in construction services.

Is Charlie Silva married?

Charlie Silva is a married man. He and his wife share two children named Jessica Silva and Michelle Silva. Both daughters like what their father does. Over the years, the two even joined his father’s team in his work by doing administrative tasks and managing projects.

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Charlie Silva on This Old House

Charlie Silva appeared in the Home renovating series This Old House in the year 2016. He worked on Arlington Arts and Crafts houses. Silva is the team leader on the show. He instructs the team and makes sure the work is going perfectly.

Charlie posts a lot of pictures on his Instagram about his undergoing work in This Old house. He not only shares the details about his project but also the progress.  Here are some of the behind scenes of Charlie from This Old House from his Instagram. Find him on Instagram to watch more of his new and early projects. His Instagram handle is @charliesilvatoh. He has around 23k followers and more than six hundred posts.

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Charlie Silva is the president of Silva Brothers Construction; About the company

Silva Brothers Construction is a leading contracting company owned by Charlie Silva and his uncle Tom Silva. Both Charlie and Tom are very professional and the thing that made them best from others is they connect directly with their client and look after every project by themselves. From day one both of them get involved in the project until it’s complete.

The company has already helped several homeowners to turn their construction dream into reality. It is exactly located in the Boston area but they do home construction projects all over the place. They have around 50-100 employees with them whereas some of them are in the company for more than a decade.

According to Silva Brother Construction, they have a main focus on solid construction and good customer relationships. Their attention to detail for the customer is the reason they are the first option to many homeowners and even gets referral by them.

Find more about Silva Brother Construction from their website.

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