Who is Sara Ferguson from This Old House? Is she married? Know about her work, career, and family

Caption : Sarah Ferguson

You might have only seen men on  Emmy-winning home-improvement series, This Old House. But from the show’s on-off screen, we found out there are a total of four powerful female members on the show and one of them is Sara Ferguson. Sara does production behind the scenes and carries huge responsibilities on the show's projects. If you are wondering about her life, who she is, or where she is from then keep reading to find out. We have details on her career, family/children, and also about her social media accounts. 

Sara Ferguson bio; What does she do for a living?

Sara Ferguson is the coordinating producer at This Old House Ventures. Her work is to link the homeowners and contractors to the show’s team like producers and editors. Along with that, she monitors the scope of work and timeline and checks which stories are potential for the content so that it could go into making.

Sara was always a big fan of especially old homes and old gardens. The work she does now used to be her dream job. Her work gave her various opportunities to travel. She went to tour private gardens in places like Manchester by the Sea, Key West, Santa Barbara, and so on for her TOH projects.

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Sara Ferguson’s education and career as of 2021

In 1992, Sara went to the UGA short for the University of Georgia for her higher study. The public land-grant research university, located in Athens, Georgia, USA. After 3 years, in 1995, she earned her bachelor’s degree in elementary education and teaching from there.

After completing her education, she began her career through a television program in Atlanta. It was the same year she graduated. Sara’s work was there to write, edit and produce several segments. To further her career, she made a decision to move to Boston. She worked for WGBH, educational television as an Associate producer

Then in 2013-2015, she was in a company named OPFocus. Inc as office manager. Then in 2015, she worked as a coordinating producer in This Old House Ventures.

Before her career began to rise from This Old House Ventures in 2015, she was already involved in How- the team when she worked for The New Yankee Workshop, This Old House, and The Victory Garden. At that time she was Production Assistance/Coordinator.

Sara Ferguson family; Does she have children?

Sara has quite maintained her personal life private. She hasn’t shared much information about her parents nor her family. It seems like she has already gotten married many years ago. 

We might not know her relationship or about whom she got married to, but do know that she has two kids. Sara is the mother of two children and one cute dog.

According to our sources, Sara lives with her family outside of Boston. 

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How to find Sara Ferguson from This Old House on social media?

If you want to hear more updates of Sara’s life and project then you can find her on Instagram. She is mostly active there. Her Instagram handle is @saratohferguson. The Facebook page of This Old house also shares some blogs about Sara.

She does have Twitter too but is kind of inactive. If you still want to find her on Twitter then her Twitter handle is @SaraFergusonTOH. She joined the network in 2009 and still has only 24 tweets till 2021. Those are also mostly retweeted

Aside from that, she does have a portfolio on  LinkedIn. Her LinkedIn account is Sara Ferguson.

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