What happened to Norm Abram from This Old House? Where is he today? 2021 Updates

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The American master carpenter, Norm Abram, is mostly known for his work from the television programs 'This Old House’ and ‘The New Yankee Workshop’. Norm is a true legend of the craft and he inspired millions of people to renovate and restore their homes through his successful shows and books. As we know, we don’t see him often on-screen anymore but still, nobody can replace him, he is an icon. Keep reading to know what happened to him after ‘This Old House’ and get 2021 updates on his marriage, wife, health, and net worth.

Norm Abram bio, age, wiki

Norm Abram wife

Norm Abram was born on Oct 3, 1949, in the town of Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Norm fell in love with his craft at an early age and by the age of 15, he was already working as a carpenter like his father.

He has appeared regularly on TV’s ‘This Old House’ which has broadcasted more than 1000 episodes, receiving no less than 17 Emmy awards and then hosted PBS’s ‘The New Yankee Workshop’, airing over 250 successful episodes. His shows traced people on how to build wood accessories. 

If you think you have an interest in carpentry and want to build something useful but simple then here’s a video of Norm teaching how to build a bookcase and let me assure you that by far it’s the best video.

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Norm’s successful career also led him to two awards. In 2009, The American Academy of Ophthalmology awarded him the first-ever EyeSmart Distinguished Service Award and in 2018, he was selected for the Ken Burns Lifetime Achievement award. 

Besides the two successful shows, he also appeared in episodes of Today, Late Show with David Letterman, Entertainment Tonight, and Good Morning America. On-screen he achieved a lot and with that, he is also an author of 8 books. All of his books inspired millions of homeowners to renovate and restore their homes. 

He isn't active on social media but here’s his Twitter profile if you want to check that out.

Norm Abram’s family and wife

Many credits for Norm’s success go to his father. As his father exposed him to the carpentry trade which took his interest in this field. He began to refine his skills working by his father’s side remodeling and building custom homes and we believe his father was his huge inspiration. 

Also, you might know Norm as a married man but do you know how many times he married? Norm and his first wife, Laura, married but divorced in 1996 and today they share a beautiful child named Lindsey. After 3 years in 1999, he married again. His lady’s name is Elise Abram and they are happily married as of 2021.

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What happened to Norm Abram? Where is he now?

Norm Abram 2021

TV stars have many rumors and writers have lots of stories about them without any proven background which is disgusting. Similarly, there was news about Norm’s health as well. Rumors were that he has cancer and was fighting with death, which was not true. Though he did look sick during some appearances in the show, he is healthy and alive. He is living in sound health and is absolutely fine.

Currently, Norm and his wife, Elise, are living together in Massachusetts. They have a classic Colonial home in which Norm built his own skills and capability. We heard that they enjoy cooking, boating, fishing, and visiting art galleries and museums.

What is Norm Abram's net worth?

Norm had a successful career and made a lot of wealth through his work. According to our sources. His net worth is approximately $3million as of 2021. Norm followed his passion and whatever he has earned today all goes to his hard work and love for his work. He is the true definition of a role model and kind gentleman. Men can learn a lot from people like him.

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