Who is Scha Jani? Y&R and B&B pay tribute to Scha Jani

Caption : Scha Jani

Young and the Restless, and Bold and the Beautiful paid tribute to Scha Jani recently. Read on to know his biography, who was Scha Jani and what happened to Scha Jani. 

Who is Scha Jani? Scha Jani short bio, wiki

Scha Jani was a part of the technical crew for several CBS shows. He worked as a video operator, lighting director, and technical supervisor at Bold and the Beautiful. He also served as a video operator at Young and the Restless.

He began working for Young and the Restless in 1984 and joined the set of Bold and the Beautiful in 1987. He worked as a video controller and operator at the CBS primetime reality competition show, Survivor.

Jani, along with the technical team, has earned 30 Daytime Emmy Award nominations and two Primetime Emmy nominations. According to his IMDb biography, Jani has won a total of 16 awards as a part of the technical crew.

What happened to Scha Jani?

Scha Jani passed away on November 27, 2018. The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful gave a tribute to Scha at the end of the January 2 episode. There was a special dedication in loving memory of Jani's 40 years of contribution to the soaps.

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