Who is WDKY-TV, Fox 56’s newest reporter Miranda Combs? Who is her husband?

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A familiar face of WKYT, Miranda Combs is back on television. Combs has been in and out of her reporting career several times. Recently she joined FOX 56 Lexington after being away for more than a year. Let’s get details on her career. Besides being a reporter/anchor, Combs is also a mom of three. Keep reading to know about her family life, husband, and children.

How did Miranda Combs land her dream career?

Miranda Combs has been an incredible American investigative/special projects reporter. She has a main focus on investigative pieces when she has to work on a project. She speaks on interesting stories and gives information to viewers about something they didn’t know but should know. 

Combs went to Florida State University and graduated in 2001 majoring in Communications and minoring in Journalism. Shortly after her graduation, she moved to Missouri to report for the CBS affiliate, KOAM-TV. While she was there, she did multitasking which included producing, anchoring, and one-man-band reporting. Soon in the following year, her hard work paid off and led her to her dream job, anchoring and reporting in WKYT.

She began working as an anchor/reporter on WKYT-Tv in 2002. Then she decided to change her career and worked as an account manager. She returned to the reporting career and worked as an investigative reporter/anchor once again at WKYT. Next, she worked for the Kentucky Secretary of State as Director of Communications. Now, Miranda has once again joined the station to work for the news channel. 

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What will Miranda Combs be doing at Fox 56?

Miranda is back on television and this time, as an assistant news director. She is working for Fox 56 Lexington and has shared some good news about her project on her social media.

She posted on Facebook, “After a year and a half outside of television, I’m going back. This time as the assistant news director for FOX 56 Lexington. I’m excited to return to my passion. However, what I’ve learned from Secretary Adams and his staff has been invaluable and I’ve appreciated it every day. The Secretary is just as funny and caring in person as he is on Facebook and Twitter.”

“Fox 56 is building something special during the next few months and I can’t wait to share more. Stay tuned…,” she added.

She will also be working remotely until January. After that, we can see her at the station.

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Miranda Combs’s family: Her husband and children

Miranda was working with WKYT before she decided to take a break to start a family with her husband. Her husband’s name is John Harvey, with whom she will be celebrating her 15th  anniversary in 2021. John is military personnel.

Miranda Combs and John Harvey

They share three children together. They have two sons - elder Calvin, younger McCoy, and one daughter, Eltta Jo. Take a look at the wonderful picture that she shared on her Instagram

When she was the mother of only two sons, she said, “I think being a mother translates into being a better reporter. Stories have new meaning when you are going home to a couple of little boys every night.”

Miranda Combs family photo

She gave birth to her two sons in 2010 and 2013, respectively. However, their little baby girl was joyfully adopted. The couple was previously warned that the process of adoption might take a year or more but surprisingly it took them only 18 days after their paperwork. They got a call from the hospital of Hardin county telling them the baby was waiting for them.

This made Miranda a new mom after nearly a decade. 

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