Who were Cheryl Wheeler-Dixon and Robert “Reed” Sanders, the couple killed in Yellow Springs, Ohio shootout?

Caption : Cheryl Wheeler-Dixon with her current husband

Former Hollywood stuntwoman Cheryl Wheeler-Dixon passed away on Wednesday, February 12, at age 59. She was killed in a shootout that took place in her ex-husband’s property in Yellow Springs, Ohio. The shootout resulted in the death of her current husband, Robert “Reed” Sanders, 56, as well. What happened between Cheryl Wheeler-Dixon, her husband and ex-husband before the shootout. Here’s everything you need to know.

Cheryl Wheeler-Dixon and her husband wanted to confront her ex-husband

A former kickboxing champion and stunt double, often known as Cheryl Wheeler, Cheryl Dixon, or Cheryl Duncan, along with her current husband Reed Sanders were killed in a bizarre shootout after they allegedly trespassed on Chery’s former husband Lindsey Duncan’s million-dollar resident in Yellow Springs, Ohio. 

Initially, the county officials declined to reveal the name of the shooters who fatally shot the former stuntwoman ex-wife and her husband but they did identify the deads as celebrity spokeswoman Cheryl Sanders and her husband Robert “Reed” Sanders.

Cheryl Sanders and Robert Reed Sanders

Greene County Sheriff, Gene Fischer, revealed that Reed Sanders had been a licensed real estate agent in Texas and that he had a criminal record as well. However, Fischer did not describe Reed’s criminal history.

According to officials, the Sanders couple drove all the way from their home in Leicester, North Carolina, to allegedly confront Lindsey Duncan about a college trust fund related to Cheryl and Lindsey’s two daughters, whose names have not been disclosed. Apparently, the Sanders couple had spent some fine amount of time planning their moves. 

The sheriffs found a set of wireless video cameras set up on a tree stump across the street Duncan’s resident. The cameras were connected to Cheryl’s cellphone from which the couple apparently monitored the activity at Duncan’s place. 

Later, Sheriff Fischer said that the incident appeared to have been an ambush planned by the Sanders couple.

Cheryl Sanders’ ex-husband Lindsey Duncan and wife Molly Duncan held a press conference

Two days after the shooting, on Friday afternoon, Lindsey and Molly Duncan held a press conference at the Yellow Springs Library’s meeting room. The Duncan couple was accompanied by their attorney, Gregory Lind, along with a few unidentified supporters.

The Duncans gave brief details about the altercation that took place on Wednesday which killed Cheryl and Reed Sanders. In the conference that lasted less than eight minutes, Lindsey said, “ Sheriff Fischer used the exact right word,” referring to Sheriff Fischer describing the incident as an ambush.

“An ambush is exactly what it was. We were caught off guard. They said nothing and then they started shooting at us,” Molly said.

Lindsey and Molly Duncan with their attorney

The couple said that they were returning home from downtown after getting coffee and breakfast when all of a sudden ambush took place. According to Lindsey, Reed was wearing a camo ski mask when he approached their car. Reed held his gun “about 10 inches” from his wife’s head. 

Next, Mr. Sanders turned his weapon on Lindsey and began firing to which Lindsey, who has a license to carry a concealed weapon, reacted by firing his gun. “Whatever happened wasn’t me, it was instinct,” he said.

Cheryl, who was monitoring the entire situation live on her cellphone, pulled up to the Duncans’ driveway in her vehicle and began firing at the Duncans. The counter-attack resulted in Cheryl’s death as well.

So far, Lindsey Duncan has not been charged with a crime. Officials are investigating why the Sanders couple actually showed up and why they had guns. They anticipate that the investigation will last at least three weeks while final autopsy reports may take at least six weeks to arrive. 

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