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On Thanksgiving day of 2018, a brutal murder took place in Colorado. Kelsey Berreth, a 29-year-old fiancée and a mother to her then 14 months baby daughter Kaylee Berreth, was murdered by her fiancé Patrick Frazee in her home while the baby laid back in the other room. Kelsey was a flight instructor while Patrick was a rancher and a farrier. Kelsey had moved to Colorado in 2016 with Frazee.

Patrick Frazee made it look like Kelsey had run away when the investigation about the missing mom started. But it finally came to the light that Frazee had killed his fiancée himself and that a woman named Krystal Lee Kenney, Frazee’s alleged mistress, had helped him cover up the murder by tampering with the evidence.

Patrick Frazee conspired to kill fiancée Kelsey Berreth at least three times before the actual murder

It took several weeks for the missing person case to turn into a first-degree murder case. It turns out that Frazee and Kenney, a nurse, had conspired the murder multiple times before finally succeeding on November 22, 2018. 

During the investigation, footage captured in Berreth’s neighbor’s surveillance camera showed that Frazee was going into her home. He explained to Woodland Park Police Department that he had gone there to exchange the custody of their daughter, Kaylee. He told police that the last time he heard from her was on November 25, 2018, when she texted him saying that she was going to check on her grandmother. 

On November 25, Kelsey’s employer also received a text from her which said she wouldn’t be at work the following week. 

The investigation showed that Frazee had called Kenney around the same time as he went to Berreth’s home. Chad Lee, the ex-husband of Kenney and the father of their two children, told FBI Agents that she gave multiple stories for leaving the home that day. At first, she said that she was going to a birthday party and then said she was helping a friend move. She eventually said that she was looking after a horse in Colorado with Frazee. 

pratick frazee

Kenney’s ex-husband knows that Kenney and Frazee are college sweethearts. He also knows about their affairs. Kenney and Lee had divorced during the summer of 2018 but they were living together with their children in Idaho.

Kenney testified against Frazee in February of 2019. It was the first time she mentioned how Kelsey was killed. She told that Patrick blind-folded Kelsey and beat her to death. She admitted to driving from Idaho to Colorado to help Frazee clean up the crime scene. She claimed that she took several blood-stained items from the home to destroy them. She also took Berreth’s cellphone with her. 

Kenney also disclosed what Frazee did with Kelsey’s body. She claimed Frazee kept the body in a trough with dry water and burned her. Berreth’s remains were never found. 

During the testimony, Kenney stated that Frazee first mentioned killing Berreth in September 2018. He told her that Berreth was on drugs and was abusive to their daughter. So he wanted her to deliver a poisoned “caramel macchiato” to Berreth. 

After failing in their first plan, Frazee conspired of killing Berreth with a metal pipe or a bat. As per the plan, Kenny even waited for Berreth in a parking lot but failed both the times. Frazee finally took matters into his own hands and brutally murdered Berreth in her own home with a baseball bat. 

What happened to Kelsey Berreth’s murderer fiancé Patrick Frazee and his mistress Krystal Lee Kenney?

Any punishment would seem insufficient for what Patrick and Kelsey have done to Kelsey Berreth. But the court has come up with verdicts for both the criminals. 

On January 28, 2020, Kenney was sentenced to three years in prison for tampering with evidence with the intention of covering up the murder. During the sentencing hearing, she expressed remorse in the courtroom. 

Krystal Lee Kenney

"The most important thing I have to say is how sorry I am… I am sorry Kaylee has lost her mother. I am sorry that I did not save Kelsey… My punishment comes every day,” Kenney said. 

On the other hand, Frazee was sentenced to life without parole plus 156 years in prison in November 2019. 

Kenney Where is Kesley Berreth and Patrick Frazee’s baby daughter, Kaylee Berreth, now?

Kaylee was only fourteen months old when her father killed her mother. She was in the other room when the murder took place; she was in a playpen.

kelsey berreth family

Kaylee is two years old now and is living with her maternal grandparents, Cheryl Berreth and her husband. Following the conviction, Frazee’s parents also filed for the custody of Kaylee but the results of her last custody hearing show she is living with Kelsey Berreth’s parents. 

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