What happened to Maggie Bennett on The Ranch? Why did Debra Winger leave The Ranch?

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Oscar nominated actress Debra Winger portrayed Maggie Bennett on The Ranch until Season 7 (Part 7). What happened to Maggie Bennett on The Ranch and why did Debra Winger leave the show? Find out the answers to these and more details on The Ranch Season 8 (Part 8) in our article. Also find out if The Ranch is returning for Season 9 (Part 9).

What happened to Maggie Bennett on The Ranch?

Debra Winger on The Ranch

Maggie Bennett was a series regular on the show since it began back in 2016. Fans began to wonder where she was after the trailer for The Ranch Part 7 dropped in August 2019. Even though Debra Winger is listed as a main cast member, her character was nowhere to be seen in the Part 7 trailer. 

Appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in October 2018, Debra Winger gave a cryptic answer in response to a fan query about her return to The Ranch. "There are 20 new ones being shot. I may or may not be in them," she had said.

The actress has never been in every episode of the earlier seasons but she has been credited as a regular character up until Part 6. The last time we saw Maggie, she was thinking of going back to Florida to help her sister Karen, who was dying of cancer. 

But that's the last we heard of her. She did not appear in Part 7 and the latest season also didn't have her as a regular. 

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Why did Debra Winger leave The Ranch?

Debra's cryptic response on WWHL raised a lot of questions from fans who adore her as Maggie Bennett on the show. The fact that Netflix didn't make any official statement on her departure didn't help at all.

So fans assumed that she would not be returning to The Ranch after all. But why? After Debra's exit, Ashton Kutcher and Sam Elliott are the only two original cast members to appear in the last season. 

Many fans are wondering if Debra had other acting projects lined up so that she couldn't continue her gig on The Ranch. Fans of Debra know her from classics like Terms of Endearment and An Officer and a Gentleman.  

The actress recently made an appearance in the Amazon original series Patriot starring Kurtwood Smith. Debra is scheduled to star in Miranda July's new movie, Kajillionaire, later in 2020. Debra Winger may have left The Ranch but fans will remember Maggie Bennett as one of her finest works.

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