Who is Courtney Anton from Street Outlaws: Gone Girl? Cast and release date update

Caption : Courtney Anton

Street Outlaws is coming off with a new spin-off series entitled ‘Street Outlaws: Gone Girl’. If you have been following Street Outlaws then get ready to watch the debut of stunning racer Courtney Anton. Courtney is one of the cast members of the show along with other famous racers. Let’s get details on Courtney’s life. Who is her husband? What does she do for a living? 

As we know the show has several cast members also known for being the fastest female drivers in America. Find out who they are!

Courtney Anton short bio: What is she known for?

Courtney Anton is a street racer, entrepreneur, CEO, wife, and mother. She is the driver of team Wyoming. Anton is going to debut on the upcoming TV program Street Outlaws: Gone Girl in 2021. If she nailed her performances on the show then she is 100% going to be the next famous television personality.

Courtney owns an Auto-body shop and she is also a budding entrepreneur.

Because Courtney is not a TV star yet there is very little information about her personal life like her age and early life at the moment.

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Courtney Anton’s husband and children: Who is she married to?

Courtney Anton husband

Courtney Anton is happily married to Joey Anton who is also a racer on Street Outlaws. They have three children together. Here’s a family picture, Courtney shared on her Instagram with her husband and their three sons. She also mentioned herself as a mama of 3 dudes in her bio.

Find Courtney Anton on Instagram. Her Instagram handle is @Courtney Anton.

Street Outlaws: Gone Girl Cast

Courtney Anton is not alone. Besides Courtney, the series has six other amazing professional female racers. The member includes some familiar and some new faces which are MSO’s Mama Hen Tricia, Queen of the Streets: Precious, Wild Card racer: Chelsea, No-Prep King champ/drag racer: Lizzy Musi, and new drivers in the street racing game like Courtney, the Ax Lady Sarah Roach, and Las Vegas local: Armani Johnson.

A total of seven racers are going to compete with each other not in some tuned-up or illegal vehicles but in their normal legal cars. Get excited to watch the series, these badass women are going to showcase their skills which you may not have seen before.

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What is Street Outlaws: Gone Girl about? What does the winner get?

Street Outlaws did have both male and female racers before on the show. However, on this particular  Street Outlaws: Gone Girl, Discovery Channel decided to encompass especially female drivers. The race took place in Las Vegas. Courtney also shared a picture of the family on the way to Vegas with the caption, ‘My dudes. Headed to Vegas to watch Mama tear up some dudes on the street!’.

The show follows the seven most skilled and talented female racers who have different backgrounds and driving styles. The one thing they do have in common is thriving.

Every episode will have one winner. The winner takes not only street cred but also a large purse to boot. In addition, they’ll also earn the distinction of being the best in the street. The only way to take home the win is by driving fast.

When will be Street Outlaws: Gone Girl  released?

The release date of the first episode of Street Outlaws: Gone Girl is going to be on 6th September 2021. The show will air on the Discovery channel. If you want to watch online then it will also be available on Amazon Prime.

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