Who is the Megalodon driver Brent Austin from Street Outlaws? What does he do for a living?

Caption : Street Outlaws racer Brent Austin

If you have ever watched Street Outlaws then you must remember Brent Austin and his monster car, Megalodon. For those who don’t, Brent is one of the fastest racers of Street Outlaws, and his Camaro 69 Megalodon is awfully amazing winning many races. People who’ve seen him racing have commented that he does not drive but fly. Keep reading to know more about him and his car. Also, find out how much Street Outlaws racers earn. What is Brent Austin’s net worth?

Brent Austin bio; Where is he from?

Brent Austin is one of the best racers of Street Outlaws. He ain’t a stranger when it comes to racing scenes. He shows up mostly for every available race with his most popular car. His monster car’s name is Megalodon. It is the greatest no-prep car around which has been terrorizing the Street Outlaws and No Prep scenes for the last few years.

Austin is originally from Goodview, Virginia, a southeastern U.S. state. He is the fastest car racer in that state. He is a racer, car builder, driver, tuner, and many more. He does absolutely everything when it comes to cars. Having said that, he is also a very humble and down-to-earth person.

Find Brent on Instagram. His Instagram handle is @austin.brent. He has over 4k followers there.

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What kind of car is Brent Austin’s Megalodon?

Brent Austin has built many fast cars till now including one of his most popular cars, 69 Camaro known as Megalodon. He is the owner-driver and builder of  Megalodon which has also become a regular sight at major no-prep events. The car produces around 2,000 horsepower and is set up to run on virtually any surface. Austin himself explained that it is an old 10.5-inch tire, steel top, and glass front-end door car.

The original name for the car Megalodon came from the shark-like silver paint job and side vents that mimic a shark’s fins. The paint code used is Titanium Poly by PPG, a Lamborghini color that makes the car’s lines snap.

Brent has surely created a big splash in Megalodon with its tire wrinkling, wheels up, hard-pulling passes at no prep events, and the car even quickly became a contender in the Big Tire class which started to buzz in the stands with the fans.

When there was a race at  Bristol, some viewers commented that there was no car that could compete with him.

It took a year for Austin to build that car. He did all of his work in the garage. One of the big advantages he got from it is, he does his own tuning. This means he has full control over where to add or pull power right from the driver’s seat.

He has a separate Instagram account for his Megalodon, named @themegalodon69.

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How much is Brent Austin’s net worth?

According to Street Outlaws cast earnings and salary, racers who participate in the show earn $15000 per episode. And if you win the race you get huge prize money. 

Brent Austin with his prize money

Brent Austin once earned the most lucrative payout in no-prep racing history by defeating Jeff Lutz. The prize money for the winner of that race was $200,000. So we can estimate that Austin’s net worth could be more than a million dollars or nearly to that number.

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