Barry Nicholson’s accident in ‘Street Outlaws’; What happened to him?

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If you are following the Discovery show ‘Street Outlaws’, you might have realized that you cannot expect what will happen. Some accidents/crashes that happened on the show are normal whereas some can take your life. Something similar happened in Barry's race too. Nicholson is listed on one of the wildest crashes of ‘Street Outlaws.’ Let’s find out about his health updates after the crash. How was his car, Godfather’s condition? How did his family help him to overcome his fear?

Barry Nicholson’s dangerous crash in ‘Street Outlaws’ history; What happened to him?

In June 2018, Barry was racing against David ‘Bird’ Jones in a No Prep race when the incident occurred. He scared the entire team and audience when he dangerously crashed his car. He even later gave some scary details on his crash and what was going through his head in the moments directing right up to the accident, 

On the accident, Barry said, ‘The car left good and was trucking right along like it has so many times before, and then things went south.’

Barry Nicholson wife

He continued saying, ‘About 400 feet out the car wiggled a bit, got into some bumps and the rest is history. The car got sideways and shot toward the right with zero warning. The car hit on the passenger side and the chassis actually caught the eight-inch tall concrete curb and caused the car to start barrel-rolling. The car was actually passenger side down, driver side up in the trees when it stopped. I was unconscious for a while and got myself out of the car when I came to.’

Click here to watch Barry’s crash video on YouTube.

Immediately after the crash, medical assistants checked Barry to know if he’s physically alright. He was unconscious for some moment.

However, looking at his condition the paramedics instantly thought he could have seriously fractured his leg. But after close inspection,  they came across that he actually broke part of the pelvis, which happened when he strongly hit the side of his racing seat.

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But things got scarier when he regained consciousness because he could not properly remember anything. He neither could answer and respond to questions from emergency responders. All he remembered was his wife and kids.

After they realized how beat up he was,  they took him to the hospital to really get checked out. Barry said that those were some rough few days as he couldn't even get up off of his recliner.

Find Barry on Instagram. His Instagram handle is @godfather_sono.

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Barry’s family convinced him to get back to racing

After Barry’s crash/accident, he swore that he is not going to race again. The incident was enough for him to leave everything he had in his racing career. He even told his wife, Stephanie Burrough Nicholson, that he was completely done after this crash. But his family stayed there with him and convinced him to get back in the driver’s seat by assuring him everything will be fine.

Barry and Stephanie got married on November 26, 2005, and they have been together ever since.

How did Barry rebuild his car, Godfather?

The Godfather was totally trashed after the accident. He was only able to save only few electronics. He was even out over $60,000 with that car being terribly wrecked. In his head, the risk he was going to take would not be worth it to race on the street anymore.

Barry then went back to the drawing board and just decided to rebuild the Godfather no matter what. It felt like an exhausting project to him but after a few months, he was back on the track.

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Barry said, ‘Overall the new car was what I needed chassis and body-wise, but everything else wasn’t my brand. It took us a few months to get the car done since I rewired it, put new plumbing in it, new wheels, new wings, windows, and other parts. My sponsors all stepped up to help and have stood behind me and that means a lot.’

Barry’s family, especially kids, are very supportive and they want him to keep going. When Barry came back on the scene it was a success in itself. He now again seems to enjoy going against top competition on ‘Street Outlaws’ and several track racing events. 

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