Did Don Burns leave KCBI because of his health situation? How is Don Burns from KCBI doing? Health updates

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Listeners of KCBI might be aware that Don Burns has been away from his job for a while now. But we have a new update that Don went into a serious health condition and also he won’t be working for KCBI anymore. Let’s find out what is happening with Don? Did he officially leave KCBI in 2021? Get updates on his health, job, and wife.

What happened to Don Burns? Is he ok?

You might have heard that Don was having some serious health issues. KCBI also announced the news in July 2021 saying he underwent heart surgery. This was not his first but second time undergoing the procedure. Burns had to have an ablation procedure in order to treat his AFib, a short form for atrial fibrillation.

If you are wondering how his surgery went, we’ve got some positive as well as negative news. The procedure was an overall success. However, there were some side effects too. According to Don’s wife, he suffered a lot of pain, and pain killers were not working. Later on, the pain meds finally kicked in and he became alright.

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Why did Don Burns leave KCBI? Next job updates

We found out that Don’s reason behind leaving the KCBI is not because of his health condition. When the listeners asked the station about Don, they replied, “Thank you for asking and for being so caring. Don is no longer with KCBI and is pursuing other opportunities. We are so grateful for the time we had with him. We greatly appreciate your prayer for Don and for the ministry. Thank you!”

If he has left KCBI then he must have something planned for him. Currently, we don’t know his next move. But more than his next job, we are more concerned about his health now. There’s nothing more important than someone’s health. We hope for his speedy recovery and wish him all the best for his future ahead.

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Don Burns short bio and career

Don Burns is the former veteran co-host of KCBI. Born in Sandiego, California, he currently lives in Bedford, Texas. He began working in the FM field in 1998. According to his LinkedIn profile, prior to KCBI, he worked for stations like KCRN- FM, The House FM/Praise 88.7, WPPF, Shine FM and FDMI, Inc. He joined  KCBI’s morning team in 2019.

Find out more about Don on Facebook. Although he has not shared much, his Facebook account name is @Don Burns.

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Who is Don’s wife? What happened to her?

Don Burns is happily married to his wife, Valerie Burns. In the past, Valerie also had health issues like Don is having now. Decades ago, she suffered from cancer. She went through surgery and chemotherapy knowing it was dangerous for her. But because everything was successful Valerie recovered. On September 10, 2010, Don’s wife Valerie became cancer-free.

Don Burns wife

Don and Valerie have been very candid about their experiences. In the beginning, Don said he was a bit confused because he did not understand why God was letting this happen to them. But now he thinks it was an opportunity for him and his wife to share God's faith with other people who are going through cancer.

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