When did Elizabeth Ries and her husband Jay Reimers welcome their new baby? Where is their new house located?

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Elizabeth Ries is a famous American journalist, television and radio host. She especially rose to fame by hosting Twin Cities Live. Aside from a successful career, Ries is happily married to Jay Reimers and has a beautiful family. Last year they added a new member/baby to their home. How many children do they have? Let’s get details on their wedding, kids, and individual career.

When did Elizabeth Ries and her husband Jay Reimers get married? How many kids do they have?

Elizabeth first met her husband, Jay Reimers, in the year 2010. The couple went on their first date after three months of knowing each other. Here’s a YouTube video of Elizabeth and Jay on how they first met, which they made after becoming a new bride and groom. They had some embarrassing stories to share.

After three years of their relationship, Elizabeth and Jay tied the knot. They got married on September 21, 2013. The couple is now parents to three beautiful children. Elizabeth gave birth to their daughter Brandette in 2015, son Franklin in 2017, and the other son Heathcliff Karl last year. They welcomed their new baby in 2020, who will be one year old in October. 

Elizabeth Ries family photo

Here’s a cute family picture that Elizabeth shared on her Instagram. They went camping on the golf course.

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Who is Elizabeth Ries’s husband Jay Reimers? What does he do for a living?

Jay Reimers is a Senior Vice President of Hays Companies. He has a Communication degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and St. Cloud State University. He was a professional athlete of PHPA (Pro Hockey Players Association) back in the day.

Reimers began his career in business in 2012. He worked as district manager, leadership program, producer till 2017.  In September of 2017, he joined Hays Companies. In the beginning year, he was Vice President of Business Development. After working for two years, he got promoted to Senior Vice President of Business Development. Reimers has been working for Hays companies for the past 4 years.

Jay Reimers is happy with his career and he is also proud of his wife’s work. On his LinkedIn profile, he wrote, “If your company or association is looking for a speaker/emcee for local events, check out the link to my wife's booking information.”

He is very supportive of his wife’s career. Find Jay Reimers on LinkedIn as @Jay Reimers. He doesn’t seem to be on other social media like Instagram.

Where is Elizabeth Ries from? Her real age and new home details

Elizabeth is a news personality, wife,  mother, and avid home chef. She has been working at Twin Cities Live since 2009 with her former partner Steve Patterson. She is originally from Apple Valley, Minnesota but currently lives in St. Paul, Minneapolis with her family.

Elizabeth celebrates her birthday every year on July 21 and in 2021 she turned 30. Ries was born to her parents Thomas and Susie Ries. She has two sisters Emily and Jenny. Her father is a minister and president of Concordia University whereas her mother is an interior designer.  She also got help from her mother to design her beautiful house. Her new home, Longfellow bungalow, lies near Minnehaha Falls.

Elizabeth Ries’s education and career details

Elizabeth graduated from Apple Valley High School in 1999 and for higher education, she went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison in St. Cloud State. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Political Science.

Shortly after her graduation, she moved to Green Bay, Wisconsin to pursue her career. She started as an anchor/reporter at WBAY. Then, she came back to Minnesota to work for KDLF as a morning news anchor. In the year 2009, she began working for Twin Cities Live as a host of the show. Besides that, she also hosts the podcast Dirt Alerts, Best to the Nest, and owns a blog site called Home to Homestead.

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