Will there be a ‘Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman’ Season 3? Renewed or Canceled? What happened to the show?

Caption : The Arclight owner Aaron Kaufman

Shifting Gears With Aaron Kaufman enjoyed a good run for two seasons then suddenly stopped before the 3rd season. Former Fast N’ Loud star Aaron Kaufman was building big vehicles on the show which he couldn’t do before. This show was unlike his previous show and was taking a different approach to car building. Fans were also enjoying it but unfortunately, it did not last long. Will ‘Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman’ return for the 3rd season? What is its renewal status? Has Aaron mentioned anything about his new show and new season?

‘Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman’ canceled or renewed for 3rd season? 2021 updates

Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman has two seasons as of 2021. The last season premiered on September 24, 2018. It has a total of 6 episodes.

There were rumors that the third season of the show would premiere in September of 2020. However, neither the rumors came true nor Aaron commented about it. 

Fans are still waiting for Season 3 of Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman. Some sources have said that Discovery Channel has not renewed the show yet. If you want to keep yourself updated on the new season then you can go to this link.

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What is Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman about? A brief overview

Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman is a reality TV series that premiered in 2018 on Discovery Channel. The show features Aaron’s car designing abilities. It is also quite an unpredictable show because nobody, even Aaron himself does not know if his design will work or not in the end. William Martens, an Emmy nominated producer, directed the show.

Aaron Kaufman and Richard Rawlings

After leaving Gas Monkey Garage, former star of Fast N’ Loud Aaron Kaufman started his own auto shop named Arclight Fabrication. He shifts gears there and also works on personal car design. His new garage also focuses on building big trucks which he’s never worked in before.

Kaufman has crew members from around the world who push his design by working on various types of vehicles.

The whole series’s purpose is to document the crew’s curiosity and excitement for how far their talent, expertise, stamina, and creativity will take them.

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What went wrong on Shifting Gears With Aaron Kaufman? What happened in the show?

The few episodes of Shifting Gears With Aaron Kaufman had a lot of troubles when it came to designing, customizing, and transforming the car from a 1971 International Harvester Scout to an ultra 4 race car. Aaron also faced some difficulties when the truck started to fall apart. 

And in the last season when Aaron and his team were preparing for the Olympus Rally, the whole crew suffered a lot of struggle. It seemed like trouble came because of their lack of knowledge.

In fact, in the last episode, audiences even witness some serious injury when Aaron competed in ‘The Race of Gentlemen’ with his Harley WLA and Model A Dragster. 

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