Eric Sorensen Leaving WQAD after 7 years; Where is the Meteorologist Going?

Caption : Eric Sorensen leaving WQAD

Eric Sorensen is officially leaving WQAD after seven long years. For the past 7 years, Sorensen has been the ‘Meteorologist with the Most’ on GQCS (Good Morning Quad Cities). His departure announcement came as a surprise to the viewers adding lots of queries. The audience wants to know why he is leaving WQAD and where he is going next. We also have some details on his health and what he went through the last couple of years.

Eric Sorensen announced his departure from WQAD

Earlier in June 2021, Eric Sorensen tweeted his announcement on stepping back from WQAD. He also went to Instagram to share his departure news and mentioned having an emotional rollercoaster. 

Eric is very excited, relieved, nervous, sad but mostly proud of himself. He is glad for making it this far and leaving on the top.

The weatherman is grateful for what he did. He thanked the colleagues and viewers of WQAD before he officially left the station. The long-time viewers of the WQAD are sad to see him leave whereas his coworkers supported him and wished him well.

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Why did he leave WQAD? When was his last day?

Eric did not clearly state why he was leaving WQAD. Neither did he give a glimpse of his future plans. Although he did speak about wanting to try something new and going on a different trajectory. All we know now is he is still figuring out his future plans. 

For more updates, you can also keep an eye on his social media channels. His Instagram handle is @theweathereric. He also seems active on Twitter, he goes through @ERICSORENSEN there.

Eric seemed to enjoy his last few weeks on WQAD before his last day on TV, July 2.

Eric’s last day was happily celebrated at WQAD News 8, where they look back at some of his best moments on GMQC. Here’s a video of Eric's First Years on GMQC, that WQAD News 8 uploaded on their youtube channel. You can see his colleagues celebrate him for all his laughs and lessons in the video. You can go to the WQAD News 8 link to watch more clips of Eric.

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Eric suffered from memory loss; What happened to him?

In December 2018, Eric underwent surgery for a pinched nerve. He said it was relatively routine surgery for his spine. He was showing short-term memory symptoms. But after the surgery, he started to have dull-pain headaches.

Eric remembered everything he needed to know to do the weather, but still, he knew he was experiencing some kind of mild cognitive impairment somewhere.

After sharing his honesty with the audience, Eric received many support concerns and advice. He even took leave the following year to undergo numerous tests, but none showed what was causing his cognitive difficulty. He was quite confused if the symptoms connected to prior surgery.

In the meantime, he returned to work without knowing what’s causing his memory lapses. However, he did want to be honest and shared what he was going through but did not make his medical condition and reports public.

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