Everything you need to know about Chelsea Day from Street Outlaws?

Caption : Chelsea Day and Josh Day

A wife and a mother, Chelsea Day, is one of the amazing female street racers from the TV show Street Outlaws. She drives her car, TomKat, in the streets. Chelsea Day's name is mostly attached to Doughboy, Precious Cooper, and JJ Da Boss. Let’s find out how they relate to each other. Also, get updates on her life and family.

Who is Chelsea Day? Parents, husband, and children

Chelsea Day was born to Ricky and Sara Cooper. She has an elder sibling. She belonged to a poor background family. Her parents could not offer her much when she was young. The Cooper family had a low-income roofing business in their early days.

Chelsea is joyfully married to Josh Day who goes by the nickname Doughboy in Street Outlaws. On her Facebook profile, she shared her wedding post in the year 2015. She is wearing a bridal gown in that picture. So we might say Chelsea and Josh married in September 2015. 

She and her husband both are amazing street racers. And like her husband she also goes by a different nickname in the streets. Her racing name is Chelarilla. 

The couple is raising two children together. They have one son and one daughter with names Kamden and Novaleigh Day respectively.

Chelsea Day's children

Chelsea is mostly active on her Instagram. Her Instagram handle is @chelsea.memphis. She took to Instagram to share a couple of pictures of their children on Easter day and some followers of her already think her son looks like a model. 

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Chelsea Day and Precious Cooper have a blood relationship. Chelsea has one elder sister, her only sibling, and that is Precious Cooper. The two sisters grew up in Osceola Florida. Their parents faced lots of struggles to raise them.

Chelsea and her sister Precious look very similar to each other. When Chelsea posted this picture of the sisters together, many people got confused if they were identical twins.

Chelsea Day and Precious Cooper

Before Chelsea became a street racer she always used to be around Cooper’s race. She also helped her with races and even cars.

Chelsea learned about the street racing world under the wing of JJ Da Boss

JJ Da Boss (Chelsea’s father-in-law) cultivated some of the badass female street racers in the sport. These strong boss women bring it home for Memphis every week. Chelsea was also a part of the lineup.

Chelsea Day with JJ Da Boss

Currently, she races for Doughboy with her car, TomKat. Her street racing ability is quite amazing. She is great at what she does. She could be a better racer than her husband according to some people. She has won many races till now.

After about a year of street racing, the leader of the Memphis racing family, JJ Da Boss, and his Memphis team are back. They have their own series called Street Outlaws Memphis which is not only a group of racers but also a family. The racers have got their own unique set of rules and they won’t stop until they become the best of the best. 

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