Jeff Glor says goodbye to CBS Evening News | Norah O’Donnell set to replace him

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CBS News recently confirmed that anchor Jeff Glor is set to leave CBS Evening News as a part of talent reshuffle at the network. Does this mean Glor is exiting the network? Find out with us.

Jeff Glor makes his final appearance on CBS Evening News this May

On May 6, 2019, Jeff addressed the speculations surrounding his exit from CBS Evening News on air. He said, “You may have heard about the changes taking place here at CBS News about moves that impact colleagues, the unmatched evening news team, and me. The outpouring of support from you has been everything and I thank you for that.”

“I’d like to think we’re all guided by something bigger than one moment and one broadcast. I have always wanted to do work that matters, and still do. That is something that will never change,” he added. “I have family, friends, and, in the future, far more to share with all of you. It will be great, I promise … just as you are. Thank you for watching. Good night. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

CBS News later stated that Norah O’Donnell would take over as an anchor/managing editor of the evening newscast. 


This appointment means that Jeff Glor is now out of the evening newscast as the show is being relocated to Washington. The network confirmed that the Norah would take over the job of anchoring CBS Evening News from May 20. 

The news came shortly after CBS got its new president, Susan Zirinsky, in January 2019. Several veteran anchors have been let go from the network as a part of this massive talent shake-up.

Glor has been working for CBS News since 2007. He became appointed as the new anchor for CBS Evening News ten years later in December of 2017. 

Shortly after Glor was promoted, the network was rocked by the allegations of sexual misconduct by a couple of top-ranked personnel, which resulted in the departure of CBS This Morning host Charlie Rose and another executive.

Is Jeff Glor leaving CBS News?

Although it has been confirmed that Norah will replace Glor on CBS Evening News, the network is yet to confirm Glor’s future.

Considering president Zirinsky’s words, it looks like they are working out on an arrangement to keep Glor at CBS News. 

“As we transition the Evening News to Washington, we are discussing opportunities for Jeff to remain with CBS News and continue providing the same substantive, trusted reporting that he has been offering for the past 12 years,” Zirinsky said.


Talking to Variety, Zirinsky also stated that Glor has been discussing with CBS News “about a couple of different roles, and I hope he stays.”

An insider also stated that it’s likely that Glor will be offered another role at the network. So far, Glor hasn’t made it clear if he has the intentions to stay at CBS News or not.

Stay tuned to find out what role will Glor take over if he stays at CBS News.

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63 Replies on Jeff Glor says goodbye to CBS Evening News | Norah O’Donnell set to replace him

  • Barbara Freeman -Schweitzer

    Barbara Freeman -Schweitzer - Reply

    I started watching the CBS Evening News Because of Jeff Glor! I found him to be Honest, Forthright, Sincere, and Trustworthy. I enjoyed the fact that his face would show his truest feelings about a news story and the broadcast at the end. If it hurt his heart, one could see the sadness in his eyes, If it touched his heart, one could see the joy. Im Not a Nora fan so I will be no longer be watching. Best Wishes to You Jeff, You are Loved by many and will be deeply missed! Best Wishes, Barb Freeman-Schweitzer
  • bill rowe

    bill rowe - Reply

    ARE you folks crazy , I looked forward each evening for JEFF"S Show.
  • Walter Wegst, PhD

    Walter Wegst, PhD - Reply

    Replacing Jeff Glor with Norah O'Donnell is nothing more than the new female president of CBS wishing to bring diversity to the network by putting a female in place of a well respected and liked male. This forced change disgusts both my wife and I and we will probably be switching to NBC or ABC to watch the nightly news. Good luck, Zirinsky, this type of stupid action will not win you any friends.
  • Adele

    Adele - Reply

    I was extremely disappointed with Jeff Glor’s being replaced. He was the reason I switched to CBS. SAD
  • Mark W Johnson

    Mark W Johnson - Reply

    I will miss Jeff Glor very much on CBS news. He is an outstanding and compassionate young man. I think it is very sad he was replaced and I hope CBS keeps him and provides a very worthy job for him.
  • Tom Barber

    Tom Barber - Reply

    Jeff is one of the bet news anchor on the cbs news team .Sounds like the new leader is putting woman ahead of men. Maybe she a manhater
  • Louise Treich

    Louise Treich - Reply

    It was a real pleasure watching the evening news with Jeff. It is unfortunate that he was not given more time as anchor... He was refreshing and sincere. I loved his sign off clips that were always posituve and brought a smile to our lives. I would like to wish him good luck in his future endeavors and really hope to see him soon. Best Regard, Louise Treich Montreal, Canada
  • Gary Hilburger

    Gary Hilburger - Reply

    The sudden - and unexplained - departure as highly CBS respected anchor left us dumbfounded. Godspeed Best Wishes (Tonawanda, New York)
  • Roberta S. Brown

    Roberta S. Brown - Reply

    Since you let Jeff Glor go, I no longer watch CBS news. He was the best.
  • Donna Blair

    Donna Blair - Reply

    Please do not remove Jeff Glor. He is a great speaker and handles himself very well on camera. We enjoyed see him every night on CBS news.

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