Who is Beth Maitland's (Traci Abbott from the Young and the Restless) daughter, Emelia Banninger?

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Emelia Banninger is the daughter of actress Beth Maitland and her ex-husband Christopher Banninger. Maitland is best known as Traci Abbott from the Young and the Restless. Read on for a short bio on Beth Maitland's daughter and her family.

Beth Maitland's daughter Emelia Banninger bio: Education, music

Musician Emelia Banninger

Beth Maitland's daughter, Emelia Banninger, is also an artist. She is a bassoonist currently studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London at the postgraduate level. She also studied the bassoon at the California Polytechnic State University, from where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2017.

She has performed with the Royal Academy Opera, Royal Academy Symphonic Orchestra and the Royal Academy Symphonic Winds. She will be performing at the Royal Academy Bassoon Ensemble concert and Florence Woodbridge Bassoon Prize in July 2019.

Emelia also takes interest in makeup and has a makeup YouTube channel called Emelia Louise Beauty.

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Emelia Banninger Parents

Emelia Banninger parents

Emelia Louise Banninger is the only child of her parents, Beth Maitland and former husband, Christopher Banninger.  Beth Maitland has portrayed Traci on the Young and the Restless from 1982. Meanwhile, Christopher Banninger is a sound mixer with credits such as Men At Work, The War at Home, Melissa & Joey and The Odd Couple.

Her parents got married in 1989 and stayed married until 2018. They reportedly split on Valentine's Day in 2016 and Christopher filed for divorce in April 2018 citing irreconcilable differences. 

Emelia is named after Amelia Earhart. She changed the spelling to honor her late Aunt Eileen.

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