KTVB anchor Kim Fields says goodbye to the news job to focus on her family; What is she doing now? Who is Kim’s husband?

Caption : Former KTVB anchor Kim Fields

The end of 2021 has become heartbreaking for many viewers of KTVB as reporter/anchor Kim Fields decides to leave the news industry. After around two decades of working, Kim says it’s time for her to leave the job that she always dreamt of. Kim, however, is not much worried about her departure as she has her plans right ahead. One of the main reasons she left her job was because she wanted to spend maximum time with her family. Let’s get in detail on what her last words were on-air and what she is planning to do in the future. Also, find out about her family; husband, and children.

Kim Fields announced on air that she is leaving KTVB for her family; When was her last day?

Kim announced on air that she is leaving KTVB after spending a dozen years at Channel 7. Kim might have worked for KTVB’s station for only 12 years but if we look at her whole life experience, she has spent 22 years of her life in a newsroom. Going on the news was her dream job and this year she is officially letting it go. Her last day was December 16, 2021. 

Before leaving, Kim did acknowledge her journey gracefully. But at the same time, she mentioned that she is not going to miss her job. She is all set to spend more time with her family, husband, and children. So, she does not want to have any work stress. She is more so looking forward to being a good wife and mom.

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Kim FIelds got emotional looking back at her journey

While Kim and other KTVB anchors talked about her accomplishments and experience, Kim got a bit emotional and even had some tears of joy. She shared all her proud work like covering two presidents, hurricanes, earthquake, shooting at the mall, plane crash, and other major events. But what she loved and adored the most was getting the opportunity to meet wonderful people every day.

Everyone appreciated Kim’s work letting her know how proud they are of her. They talked about how they worked as a wonderful team to make an impact on the world. In the end, she said that she was extremely honored, privileged, and everything was an absolute joy. She also added that nothing will impact the news because she is leaving the station in wonderful hands. Check out the last video of Kim’s on-air that KTVB uploaded on their Youtube channel.

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Who is Kim Fields married to? Does she have any children?

Kim is happily married to her husband named Ted. She compliments her husband on and off-screen. On her last day on KTVB, she took a special moment to thank him as he was her biggest believer and supporter. She even said that her husband is the one who made her dream come true.

Kim and her husband, Ted, share three children together, two boys and a girl. Here’s a family picture of Kim that she uploaded on her Facebook. Honestly, all of her children look like her.

KTVB anchor Kim Fields and her family

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