Who is Samantha Hanratty's boyfriend Christian DeAnda? Are they getting married?

Caption : Samantha Hanratty with her boyfriend

Samantha Hanratty, also known as Sammy, is a 26-year-old American actress from LA. At the age of six, she started appearing on TV for commercials and as she grew, she landed in various movies and TV series. Along with her successful career, she dealt with various problems like alcohol and insecurity but today Hanratty is not only 2 years sober but also confident and in love in 2021. Samantha is happily sharing her relationship with her boyfriend, Christian DeAnda, with whom she got engaged this year. Her followers have no clue who he is. They could not recognize him from anywhere as it seems like Christian is not from the same industry as his girlfriend. Let’s get to know more about Christian DeAnda and their relationship.

Christian DeAnda Bio: Age and family

Christian is a young handsome-looking boy born on June 7, 1996. His mother’s name is Sylvia Nava. She is a Physiotherapy Associates manager and director and manager of member services in Bakersfield Family medical center. His parents divorced and remarried. 

Deanda has a brother named Dylan with whom he went to Liberty Highschool.

Christian DeAnda and his sibling

Christian is open and public about his relationship and girlfriend, Samantha, but he has not shared much about his personal life. According to his Instagram profile, he is sort of related in selling anime merchandise like hoodies, T-shirts, sweatshirts, and printed apparel. Find him on Instagram as @ccdeanda to see more of him.

If you check his social media you can also find many pictures of the couple together. 

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Samantha Hanratty's relationship with Christian DeAnda

Samantha  Hanratty is head over heels in love with her boyfriend Christian. Hanratty first opened up about their relationship on Instagram in 2020 wishing him his birthday. She complimented her using words like inspiring, caring, kind, funny, and amazing listener. Even in the period of lockdown/pandemic, the two got destined to meet each other. 

According to their social media, Hanratty and DeAnda have been together for more than a year now. On April 22, Christian went to Instagram to share a cute picture of them smiling on their anniversary.  He mentioned her as a soul mate.

Are Samantha Hanratty and Christian DeAnda engaged in 2021?

Sometimes it takes decades for a celebrity to take another step in their relationship because of their work but Samantha and Christian are happily engaged within a year. On November 20, Christian got on his knees as a gentleman does and asked her lady to marry him. And of course, Samantha was more than happy to say yes.

Samantha Hanratty and Christian DeAnda engagement

Check out the picture of future  Mr. and Mr. DeAnda on their  Instagram. Samantha captioned the picture saying he is going to marry the love of his life soon and Christian says she is the woman of his dreams with whom he’s going to share amazing memories. They sound loving and perfect. The pair got celebrity friends and fans to celebrate the news.

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