Everything you need to know about Rachel Bohnet from Rust Valley Restorers? Is she married?

Caption : Celebrity welder Rachel Bohnet

In the modern world, it is quite difficult to find women involved in the welding industry. According to the data, only 5 percent of women represent the welding workforce. One of them being, of course, none other than Rachel Bohnet from Rust Valley Restorers. Rachel not only loves welding but she’s also turned her skill and passion into something she enjoys doing for a living. Her career story begins from a young age to becoming the mother of two kids. Keep reading to learn about her age, family, and her successful career.

Who is Rachel Bohnet? How old is she?

Rachel Bohnet is a 36-year-old custom welder who has been working in the welding industry for more than two decades. She is originally from British Columbia. 

Bohnet was a teenager studying in a high school when she got encouraged to trust her future in a welding career. According to Rachel, there was this shop teacher who told her that she got an eye for this kind of work. She remembers him being one of the help and support who introduced her to the world of trades. No one forgets a teacher like that and neither has Rachel.

Still, in 2022, she just loves her job as a welder like she used to do in the beginning.

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Rachel Bohnet’s family and children

Rachel Bohnet is a proud mother of two adorable children, a son, and a daughter. Her kids were one of the main reasons why she wanted to run her own business. Rachel wanted to work from home so that she could spend more time with her children. She shows them the things she has created and listens to all of their school days’ tales. She calls it a pretty beautiful life of balance.

Take a look at her beautiful family picture from her Instagram where her son and daughter are matching with her.

Both of her children love her work, maybe most especially her son. Her son asked her if he could join her in the shop. She lets him help her but safely. 

Bohnet has pretty much shared everything about her children and career on her social media but nothing about her husband. We wonder if she is a single mother. 

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When did Rachel join Rust Valley Restorers? Does she love the show?

Rachel started doing her business in 2016. She took a huge risk to solely run the business and it was all worth it. She not only became a successful fabrication businesswoman but also landed on the best Canadian reality TV series called Rust Valley Restorers. It was an incredible opportunity for her to showcase her skills. She told in an interview that she got super excited when she found out she got to be part of one of the wickedly amazing TV shows.

Rachel debuted on Rust Valley restorers in 2021. She called her journey on the show being very cool.

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