KWWL-TV’s anchor/reporter, Danielle Miskell, got arrested for domestic assault | Good news: she is okay and found not guilty

Caption : KWWL reporter Danielle Miskell arrested

Danielle “Dani” Miskell was first accused and later arrested on misdemeanor charges for assaulting her boyfriend. She was charged with domestic violence which was thankfully proven wrong later. Although the jury has found Dani not guilty, she shared that she went through shame and hatred in the process. Let’s find out in detail what happened to her? How did she deal with it? Did KWWL fire her from her job?  Also, get updates on her family and early career.

Why was Dani Miskell arrested? Details on her domestic violence case

On May 13, police officers arrested Danielle Miskell for a misdemeanor. She was reportedly accused of domestic abuse. 

According to the sources, Dani hit and kicked her boyfriend numerous times. Her boyfriend’s name is William Mohr. Officers found William with swollen eyes when they arrived at the West Jefferson Street apartment which the couple shares together.

The neighbors also commented on the incident saying they heard the arguments and saw him holding an ice pack on his face.

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Dani pleaded not guilty and proved her innocence

Shortly after the incident, Miskell’s defense attorney, Heather Jackson, filed her client not guilty of the charges. The reports said that she acted in self-defense. Miskell even took out a restraining order against her guy under civil petition for relief from domestic abuse. Her allegations said that he had put her in a chokehold, slammed her body, and threatened to kill her.

Dani was wrongfully arrested and thrown into Waterloo’s criminal justice system. But she fought for her life. After taking the case to trial, she testified against 8 witnesses the state brought against her. And finally, on May 27, the jury found her not guilty. She thanked her attorney for defending her the whole way.

She expressed on her Instagram how this experience made her feel. She said that she was publicly humiliated by the local papers, radio stations, and social media. She added that she even received hate emails and private messages. Besides facing public hatred, her job as a news anchor was also removed.

Everything was coming so brutal to her that she ultimately broke down. She called it one of the cruelest experiences a woman could ever go through.

She calls herself a survivor. She is also letting her followers know that she will be coming out with more of her story soon. 

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Dani Miskell’s age, bio, and career before KWWL

Dani recently became a former weekend anchor and multimedia journalist of KWWL. She turned 34 in May 2021. 

On her 34th birthday, she shared her official KWWL headshot picture on her Instagram calling it an exciting stamp for where she is this year. Little did she know what was coming ahead.

She went to North Monterey County High School for a diploma. After that, she went to the Vanguard University of Southern California and received her bachelor’s degree in 2009. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcasting and Communication.

According to her LinkedIn profile, prior to KWWL, she worked for 3 years in the cable television network, joined as a sports reporter and co-anchor on Channel 3 for the show called The Sports Desk TV, and covered general news on Channel 22 for another show called City News. 

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Who are Dani Miskell’s parents?

Dani has a family of four including her parents and one younger brother, Dean Miskell. Her father is from the Airforce and that’s why she calls herself a proud member of the Airforce family.

Check out the picture Dani shared of her mom and dad, taken in the year 1987, to wish them a happy 35th anniversary.

Danielle Miskell's family picture

Dani also shared a vacation picture of the family on her Instagram during Christmas time with the caption: “Merry Christmas from The Miskell’s one last time on the California Coast! 🌊🎄🌞”

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