Where is Steve Patterson from Twin Cities Live going next? When is his last day on TCL? Meet his wife and children

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Popular co-host of KSTP-TV’s Twin Cities Live, Steve Patterson, announced leaving the show in 2021. His sudden departure news has deeply saddened many viewers. Patterson has always wanted to be a host of a TV show which he not only achieved but also became successful with it. So why did he decide to leave his dream job after so many years? Let’s get into the details to find the entire story. Is he looking for a new job? Also, get to know about his family and other shows he is doing lately.

Steve Patterson thanked his Twin Cities Live co-host Elizabeth Ries in his goodbye message

Steve Patterson announced on the latest broadcast of TCL that he would be leaving the show very soon. He called it a tough decision as he loved working on the show. Steve went to Instagram as well to share the sad news with his followers. He says he is extremely honored to be warmly welcomed into so many homes and will miss being with the viewers on television. 

Steve has a special thank you note for the co-host of Twin Cities Live, Elizabeth Ries. Elizabeth was not only a tv partner but also a dear friend. He mentioned he and Rise have a genuine connection and that they get along on air the same way as off-air. Steve thanked Elizabeth for being a wonderful and supportive friend and ended with “Love you, Libby.”

Steve has not exactly mentioned the day of his departure yet but did say it will be in the fall sometime. So viewers, you still have a couple of weeks to see Steve on air.

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Why did Steve leave Twin Cities Live? Does he have a new job?

Along with Twin Cities Live, Steve also co-hosted the Donna and Steve Show on MyTalk 107.1 radio. Although it is officially confirmed that he is leaving TCL, he is not leaving the other show. Steve doesn’t have a specific reason to leave Twin Cities Live and be part of only Donna and Steve Show. But from now on his focus will be only on one show.

Steve does have future plans and new opportunities but that does not include getting a new job. It seems like his need for quality family time could be one of the reasons to quit the show.

Steve is glad and a bit relieved in some way for his time management now. In his Instagram post, he said that his new schedule is going to provide lots of flexibility. So leaving TCL was in a way worth it.

Who is Steve Patterson’s wife? His children and family

Steve Patterson is a long-time married to his high school sweetheart. His wife’s name is Lauren “Lu” Patterson. The couple has a lovely family of four. The two are parents to their two sons named Dev and Grey and daughters Shecray and Lyla. Check out the family picture of Steve on his Instagram. His Instagram handle is @kstpsteve.

Steve Patterson family photo

Steve’s whole family lives in Minnesota. Family man Steve will now have more time to enjoy life with his wife and children. He is very much excited to be home to have afternoon tea, conversation with his wife, play puzzles, and especially be home when the kids return from school.

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