Lucas Horton (Brian Dattilo) returning to Days of Our Lives in 2019! Comings and Goings

Caption : Bryan Datillo

Days of Our Lives comings and goings news reveal that Lucas Horton is returning in 2019. Brian Dattilo is coming back to Salem after months of absence. His return to the show may have something to do with Lucas Horton's son's health struggles. Keep on reading for more details on Brian Dattilo's return to Days of Our Lives.

Lucas Horton coming back to Days of Our Lives in 2019

Comings and goings news for the upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives reveal that there will be three big comebacks to Salem in 2019. Fans can expect to see many familiar faces return to the show including Lucas Horton. Fans recently saw Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) return on screen after she was presumed to be dead in a warehouse fire. 

Bryan Datillo also returns to Salem as Lucas Horton. He previously left town after breaking up with Chloe. He left his son, Will Horton (Chandler Massey) behind and it's likely that Will's recent health storyline is the reason Lucas will be back in town.

Lucas Horton is returning

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Will was diagnosed with brain tumor and recently got surgery. He will need his father by his side as his health declines. Perhaps Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) will be the one to call Lucas.  He will appear for an unknown number of episodes in May 2019.

In addition to Nicole and Lucas, Valerie Grant (Vanessa Williams) is returning to Days of Our Lives. She left town to chase her dream job and has been in a long-distance relationship with Abe. Her return to Salem could create drama for Abe who is growing closer to his assistant, Sheila.

Bryan Dattilo talks returning to Days of Our Lives

Bryan Dattilo last played Lucas Horton on Days of Our Lives in late 2018. The actor recently spoke to Soap Opera Digest about his upcoming return to the soap. “It was really a pleasant surprise for me, for Bryan, but Lucas, I think, just gets dragged back," he said. 

Bryan Datillo leaving Days of Our Lives

Dattilo has made several comebacks to the show over the years but he revealed that he didn't think he would be returning after his most recent exit. “I thought that was the time it was gunna be [the end]. I actually really did think that was it.... I definitely was surprised, but pleasantly.”

Stay tuned for more details on Bryan Dattilo's return to Days of Our Lives as Lucas Horton and his 2019 air date. 

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