Is Shawn Robert's character, Sam Langston, going to be Amy Fleming’s new love in Heartland season 16? Who is Shawn dating in real life?

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In the beginning, when Heartland introduced Shawn Roberts as Sam Langston in Season 13, fans got impressed just by his heavy masculine body. Sadly, they did not find him a typical heartland character. However, with his acting and role, he did not only prove them wrong but also won their love and trust.  They are now pretty clear that he could be one for Amy Fleming after Ty’s death. So will Sam Langston and Amy Fleming have chances of love in Heartland? Get to know more about Shawn and his character, Sam of Heartland.

Shawn Roberts Bio: Age, nationality, early career

Shawn Roberts is a Canadian actor born in 1984 in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. He is starring in Heartland in 2021 but is mostly known for his horror or zombie movies like Diary of the Dead, the Resident Evil franchise, and The Land of the Dead. Along with his career, he is also famous for his muscular physique. The actor can be mistaken as The Hulk of real life.

Shawn began his acting career at a young age. He was only 10 years old when he performed in a school play playing the character of the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. Surprisingly, in the audience, there was an award-winning screenwriter, who was one of his friends' father. The man saw potential in him and recommended him to an acting agency as a child actor. Looking back at those years, Shawn shares his experience saying he was just a 12-year-old random boy auditioning for TV shows and so on and ended up actually getting gigs and series which he didn’t think would happen. But Shawn feels positive about his journey as he got to learn a lot from his job.

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Who is Shawn Roberts on Heartland?

Shawn has been a part of Heartland for quite a while now. He has been playing the role of Sam Langston on the show since 2019.. Sam Langston is a successful, handsome, well-off, and respectful man who owns a ranch called Big River near Heartland and has a history of playing baseball. 

Sam cannot be exactly considered as the lead character in the series. He is a recurring character on the show and a reliable man who has got many fans interested in him.

Could Sam Langton be the new love interest of Amy Fleming on Heartland

There are few chances that we could see Sam Langton having a major part in Heartland. Last time, we saw deep chemistry between Amy and Ty. But in season 14 when Ty suddenly died, the show did not get any big love story. 

Ty was a perfect lover for Amy but Sam is no less. In fact, he has all the potential to be Amy’s boyfriend. Fans are sort of hoping for it too. Sources do say Sam is one of the hidden gems of the show and his new storyline could get unexpected for many viewers.

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Does Shawn have a girlfriend in real life?

Shawn has worked with many gorgeous actresses, models and also has a large number of female followers. But when it comes to his relationship, he seems to be single. There has not been any rumor of Shawn’s dating life although he posts several hot pictures with models like Charlie Rina and Nicole Leanne.

Shawn Roberts modeling picture

Looking at this man’s face, body, personality, and net worth he has no problem in getting girls. We wonder why he is single. Find Shawn on Instagram as @shawn_roberts4rl.

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