What happened to Ronnie Pollard from ‘Street Outlaws’? What is he doing now?

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Skiatook native Ronnie Pollard, who appeared on the reality show ‘Street Outlaws’ got arrested for more than one charge. He and his friend broke into the engine shop of North Carolina and stole engines that were worth a lot. The news was not only disappointing to viewers but also made the wrong impression on the show. Let’s find out what happened to Ronnie Pollard from Street Outlaws, how much was the stealing engine worth and how he got arrested? Also keep reading to know more about his appearance on ‘Street Outlaws’. Was he famous during the show?

Ronnie Pollard breaking arrest news; What did he steal?

Ronnie Pollard Christopher Goodman

Ronnie got arrested in 2015 for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of engines from a King, North Carolina shop. He was with another man named Christopher Goodman, his partner in crime. Both of them got arrested, accused of breaking into the engine shop named Buck Racing Engines.

According to the King Police Department news release, about $500,000 worth of engines were total reported stolen, and more than $14,000 worth of property damage.

Pollard and Goodman overall got charged with aiding and abetting felony larceny, conspiracy to break and enter into a building and commit larceny.

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Charlie Buck, owner of Buck Racing Engines, whose shop they broke into says, ’Discovery Channel should check people out. It’s just hard to believe that somebody like that’s been on TV, and then they break in and steal stuff from you’ 

Before Police arrived and confirmed everything, Charlie guessed his loss was around $800,000.

Charlie also went to FOX8 News to share how he felt. He spoke with the anchor of Fox 8, Michael Hennessey. He said in his own words ‘Your life’s been violated and “It’s just tough to deal with’.

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How did Ronnie get caught?

According to Charlie Buck, Ronnie came by the shop that day looking for a short block. That’s when they had a picture of him through a CCTV camera 

The surveillance video from Buck showed at least two men breaking and entering his shop. They even damaged surveillance cameras before taking off with stolen engines. 

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Ronnie is mostly known for his appearance on the popular street-racing reality television show ‘Street Outlaws’. His full name is Ronnie Dale Pollard. His age is probably 55 as of 2021. 

Ronnie Pollard appeared several times over the years in ‘Street Outlaws’. The show is about a street drag racing competition where racers participate to showcase their driving skills They compete against each other trying to win the title. It airs on Discovery Channel and has a total of 13 seasons as of now.

Pollard’s appearance was not the most memorable, but his participation on the show did make him somewhat called a celebrity. However, Discovery’s website has not included Pollard’s name on the show’s cast list.

As the name of the show indicates, Ronnie Pollard did actually turn out to be the real outlaw.

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