What happened to Shane Kilcher? How did he get injured? Net worth 2021

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Shane Kilcher is famous for appearing on the Discovery Channel series ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’. The show focuses not only on Shane Kilcher but also on the Kilcher family, involving all the social chores done by them. Recently on the show, when he was doing some work, he fell from a ladder and hurt himself getting serious injuries. Shane’s wife was the one who took the news to social media to inform his fans and viewers of the show. Now let’s find out what she has to say on his health updates. Is he showing any improvement? Keep reading to find out. 

What happened to Shane Kilcher? How did he get injured?

While working on a new cabin in his homestead, Shane got involved in an accident. Apparently, he fell off a ladder and straight landed on his back, which ended up breaking his back. After the incident, he was immediately taken to the hospital, Central Peninsula, where the doctors told the family that the fracture happened on his L2 vertebra extending two-thirds of the way through the bone.

After Shane’s wife shared the news of the incident on Facebook, Discovery Channel also showed the video of Shane lying on the hospital bed.

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How is Shane Kilcher doing now? 

Fans and the viewers started to pray for his health and became curious to know how he’s doing. 

Shane and his wife could not really disclose the details of his health improvement before the show airs, nevertheless, she did mention that Shane is doing well. But he still has a long recovery process ahead to go through

His wife also replied to some comments of fans and revealed that her husband is getting better each day especially because of modern medicine and mountain herbs.

Fans were much worried because Shane is 50 years old at present and any kind of physical injury could be dangerous for his life.

Till now, it is unsure if he will feature in the show’s upcoming season. So, the fans and viewers have to wait to find out when the new season arrives.

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Who are Shane Kilcher's parents?

Shane Kilcher parents

Shane was born to his parents, musician and TV personality Atz Kilcher and singer Lenedra Kilcher. He has two siblings, one brother named Atz lee Kilcher and a sister named Jewel Kilcher. According to sources, their parents have been separated for a long time.

Who is Shane Kilcher’s wife? How did they meet? Do they have children?

Shane Kilcher and his wife, Kelli Kilcher met during their senior school days. The couple dated for 3 years before they decided to tie the knot. Their wedding ceremony took place in June 1992 and together they have a total of four children. Their children’s names are Keena Tarik, Jareth, Reid, and Jenna.

The couple has had a very blissful relationship and marriage ever since that their strong bonding can be clearly seen on the show.

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Shane Kilcher wife

Kelli was born and raised in Alaska and Anchorage respectively. She went to Stellar Secondary School where she met her husband, Shane. We heard that even after getting married. Kelli continued her education. In 1999, she pursued a degree in Nursing from Maric College.

Find Shane on Instagram @shanekilcher, he has more than 6k followers but is not really active. However, if you want new updates, then you may follow the Kilcher family fanpage on Facebook.

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Shane Kilcher’s Earning and Net Worth

Shane’s total net worth is approximately $2 million. He gets paid around $10,000 per episode. Because of the show, he not only garnered a lot of income but also became a reality star after impressing many people.

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