Lizzy Musi’s new car crash/accident in 2021. Did she nearly die? How much is her net worth?

Caption : Lizzy Musi crash

While Lizzy Musi’s recent car crash is breaking the whole internet whereas some say it’s nothing new as she crashes every year. If you’ve been watching the show and her races you might know that this is not the first time she crashed her car. The viewers of ‘Street Outlaws’ are really worried and asking if she’s okay this time as well. Let’s find out how she is doing? How did the crash happen? Also, get 2021 updates on her parents, net worth and relationship with Kye Kelly.

How did Lizzy Musi wreck her car? Is she ok?

On August 1, 2021, Lizzy was involved in a new crash while racing against Brandon James. She was driving so hard that the whole accident took only about a few seconds. It was a kind of Brandon to jump out from his own car and help Lizzy. 

Brandon quickly went to Lizzy’s car to check on her and tried to get the door open for her to get out. It’s pretty awesome to see Brandon, the first one there checking on her. Here’s a 15-sec video of Lizzy’s car crash uploaded on YouTube by the Street Outlaws fan page.

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Thankfully Lizzy is ok and she is not seriously injured.

This is actually the second time Lizzy and Brandon have had a car crash when they were racing against each other. Last time it was another way around. Brandon wrecked his Mustang car and Lizzy was the one to run over to help him. This shows how good competitors are.

Well, we guess that’s what racer’s do. It might be the business racing, but when something goes wrong they bend over backward and make sure the fellow driver is okay. 

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Lizzy Musi’s first crash at Bristol at the age of 21 

Lizzy escaped a huge car crash during a race at Bristol, Tennessee in 2012. She was racing in an American Drag Racing League event when the accident happened. That car crash was so huge and dangerous it scared so many people.

She was 21 years old and was piloting her Chevrolet Camaro when she lost control.  She and her car launched into the air and went over the fencing into a trackside camera. The camera operator, Grinner had to jump over the concrete divider into the track to avoid the crashing car and get hit.

Luckily both Lizzy and the cameraman survived a huge drag racing car crash that day.

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Lizzy Musi bio, wiki; What does she do? Who are her famous parents?

Lizzy Musi parents

Lizzy is an American sportsperson, a drag car racer, a TV star, and a businesswoman. The Capricorn woman was born on Jan 1st, 1991 in New Jersey, USA. 

She is the daughter of former NHRA Drag Racer Pat, who has won 8 professional world championships Along with her father, her mother, and sister were also drag racers. This means she came from a professional family of car racers.

After graduating from high school, she joined her father and started maintaining cars in his shop. In 2014, she made her Pro Nitrous debut 2014 behind the wheel of King Kong 5.

for which she received the Rookie of the year award. She also won her first national professional Drag Race competition in PDRA Virginia. She was the first woman ever to win the PDRA. She has also been in a movie about street racing called Adrenaline. 

Besides her career in racing, she also has a storefront on Amazon that sells beauty products.

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Is Lizzy Musi still dating her boyfriend Kye Kelly? 

Lizzy Musi boyfriend

Lizzy and her boyfriend Kye, a drag racer, are still together in 2021. She describes her man, Kye, as her best friend and the man she loves. In May 2021, she went to Instagram to wish Kye a happy birthday with a long heartfelt caption. Her Instagram handle is @lizzymusi where she has 230k followers as of now.

Kye, however, was already married before he was in a relationship with Lizzy. Although he had his own family in retrospect, it has not hampered his relationship with Lizzy in any way.

If we are not wrong the couple might have celebrated their 4th anniversary this year.

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What is Lizzy Musi’s net worth?

Lizzy is currently named as the most famous female personality in the world of drag racing. That means she is doing a lot better in her career. According to our sources, her net worth could be between $800,000 dollars to $1 million as of 2021.

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